The Pegassi Infernus, the Last of the Heroic Supercars

Italian design, big power, and an ancient traction control system? The perfect recipe for a completely bonkers supercar

1y ago

The Pegassi Infernus is one of the oldest supercars in Grand Theft Auto, with its roots dating all the way back to GTA 3. The biggest giveaway of its age is the styling. What do you notice about it? What words come to mind when looking at it? Don't worry, I can tell you. Smooth. Sleek. Subtle. Modern supercars, like the Truffade Thrax for example, are made to morph the air around them, taking advantage of it for maximum grip possible using the dark art of aerodynamics. This leads to sharp, and angular designs, making the car look like a complicated paper airplane. The Infernus however uses its smooth, low drag design to punch through the air effortlessly. If the Truffade Thrax is like a paper airplane, then the Pegassi Infernus is like a smooth pebble, about to be launched from a slingshot at warp speed. Yes, it may cost 440k, but you can never overpay for perfection.

Despite gramps looking somewhat uneventful in the front, it's the rear where the Infernus really shines. In the centre, lays a quad exhaust which breathes fire like a mighty dragon. On each side, there are circular lights which conveys a blank, yet stern face in the rear. All of this combined with the wide track width, makes the Infernus look like a sumo wrestler doing a power squat. Unfortunately, not too many will witness this spectacular view as the Infernus, like many other GTA supercars of old, have been overshadowed by a new breed of supercar. Don't let this fool you however, because the Infernus is no milkfloat. Bolted directly to the driver's spine is a naturally aspirated V12 which creates two things and two things only: noise, and speed. Sitting in front of the driver is a gauge. To the untrained eye it may look like a speedometer, but in reality it's showing you how many polar bears the monstrous V12 kills every minute. To the left of that sits what appears to be a rev counter, but it's actually a display of how many souls of the weak are being fed into the engine every minute.

The Infernus may have modern power, but when the discussion of handling arises, we have turn the dial of time back a couple decades. In terms of grip, there are two fat tyres at the rear, and that's about it. Yes there are two of them in the front as well, but they're about as wide as a small child's leg. Those who have stopped scrolling to look at the pictures may have noticed what seems to be a small wing, and you'd be right. However there's no sense in calling it one because it does almost nothing. The car would have more grip with bowling balls strapped to the rear. Now it does come with a traction control system as standard, but no one is quite sure where the traction control system has been sourced from. A lawn tractor maybe? As you can probably tell the Infernus has a plethora of disappointing handling features, but does that mean it actually drives like a hunk of lead? In the shortest way of saying this, no, it does not. At low speeds the car does feel a bit cumbersome, and because of the low ride height, as well as visibility that can only be compared to that of an elderly person, the car doesn't really work too well outside of an empty parking lot. When in the context of a supercar however, things like gas mileage or cargo space shouldn't be a factor, and it should be treated with the respect it deserves.

No matter the cons, the Infernus is truly a beautiful car to drive, and it handles like nothing else. Through the slow corners it dances and shudders like a car with turbo lag, but when up to speed it's smooth and concise with the powerband of a naturally aspirated car. And then, there's the sound. This is one of the only cars in the game that can sound as soulful as a church organ, and as violent as a heavy metal concert, all in one rev range. The Infernus has enough power to get you to the moon and back, as well as stunning looks to leave you awestruck for hours upon hours. There's a subtle rage associated with the Infernus, and only people who have driven it knows what it is.

When anyone has their Infernus experience, there are commandments you as a driver must follow:

1. Thou shalt not trust downforce

2. Thou shalt not understeer, doing so will result in death

3. Thou shall only advance at maximum velocity

Then finally, there is the Golden Rule of the Pegassi Infernus:

Whether there is rain or shine, highway or coastal road, when driving this car you will only have one destination, and that's the sun-kissed horizon of Los Santos.

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Comments (15)

  • I have the Classic. If I have some spare GTA$ i'll get it again. Used to have a yellow one with a black stripe on the door and black Inferno rims.

      1 year ago
    • The Infernus is definitely a unique supercar, especially to drive when compared to the newer stuff being released

        1 year ago
    • I just wish you could keep higher end cars you find off of the streets.

        1 year ago
  • That 440K is the best 440K I've spent on GTA online, hands down.

      1 year ago
  • You on the mega ramp?

      1 year ago