The perfect long weekend?

    Could this be the perfect destination for a long weekend of wheeling IN THE WESTERN CAPE?

    So let me be clear. "Could this be the perfect destination for a long weekend of wheeling?" Is a question, not a statement and the hope is that members (if this tribe ever has any) will be able to offer more insights. But with 3 x 4x4 trails. 1 x Craft Brewery and 1 x Private Cellar and much more for the fam damily in the area, www. with 2 x Camp Sites could very well be the place to be. Lets us know what you think.

    The campsite can only be reached with a high-ground clearance vehicle.

    Rondegat 4x4

    Rondegat 4x4

    Rondegat 4x4 Trail
    WHERE? Just outside Clanwilliam in the Cederberg, Western Cape
    WHEN? Booking is required.
    HOW? Call +27 (0)27 482-2527
    HOW MUCH? Price on request
    The Cederberg Mountain Range is a massive natural treasure that is also laden with culture and history. In addition, it is the backdrop to one of the oldest towns in South Africa, Clanwilliam. While small, this town continues to lure tourists from all corners of the earth for its charm and heritage. Just 15 kilometres from Clanwilliam is the Rondegat 4x4 Trail.

    Secluded in the heart of the Cederberg Wilderness, the Rondegat 4x4 Trail is a 15 kilometre route that has a grade of two to three. It is circular, and takes about two to three hours to complete. Drivers can expect sandy, rocky terrain with a number of rocky climbs to test your skills and your control over your 4x4 vehicle. While the route is open all year round and no formal guide is necessary, drivers need to be aware that the rocks will be slippery and the course more challenging after the rains. Upon reaching the summit, gorgeous views of the Clanwilliam Dam and the Cederberg Mountains are sure to impress upon you the sheer scale and splendour of the Western Cape.

    Rondegat 4x4 Trail is a 15 kilometre route that has a grade of two to three.


    Spring is the best time to visit this area and to tackle the Rondegat 4x4 Trail. At this time, the dam is full and the wildflowers have erupted into colourful bloom. The temperatures are also not as extreme as summer and winter.
    The Cederberg Wilderness covers an area of 7 100 hectares and is a nature-lover’s delight. It is home to an exquisite array of fauna and flora, and promises gorgeous backdrops for photographs and, more importantly, lifelong memories. As such, this entire region offers other outdoor activities, which are open to those who are visiting for the 4x4 trail. These include bird watching, game viewing, hiking, mountain biking, waterskiing, sailing and fishing.

    Kagga Kamma 4x4

    Kagga Kamma 4x4

    Kagga Kamma 4x4 Trail
    WHERE? Kagga Kamma, near Ceres, Western Cape
    WHEN? Booking is required.
    HOW? Call +27 (0)21 872-4343
    HOW MUCH? Price on request
    The Kagga Kamma Game Reserve is a stunning piece of the South African wilderness that is tucked away in the Cederberg Mountain Range. This part of the Western Cape is simultaneously sparse and abundant, offering such diversity that those with a love for the outdoors can scarcely get enough of it; returning year after year.

    The Kagga Kamma 4x4 Trail spans some 100 kilometres through the reserve and the Cederberg, traversing mountains and valleys against exquisite backdrops that promise lasting memories. It takes about six hours to complete, if drivers can resist the urge to stop along the way and admire their surrounds. However, it is recommended that you tackle it over the course of a few days so that you can camp over and get the most out of the scenery.
    The Kagga Kamma 4x4 Trail comprises a network of off-road tracks that are made up of gravel, stones (some loose, some more stable) and sand, with steep areas that guarantee adventure and fun. There are twists and turns to test the driver and their vehicle, as well as some really steep ascents and descents to get the heart racing. The pro’s recommend walking the drop into Joubert’s Werf before attempting to drive it, to familiarise yourself with the terrain and its unexpected turns beforehand.

    The pro’s recommend walking the drop into Joubert’s Werf before attempting to drive it


    It is necessary for those taking on the Kagga Kamma 4x4 challenge to bring their own water and ablution facilities.
    Along the way, look out for some of the birds, plants and land animals that continue to make this region so special. Game drives and hikes are a fabulous way of experiencing the Cederberg in a very real, personal way. Visitors to the area can also go on formal rock art tours and guided quad bike adventures. Cape Town is about three hours away, and is filled to the brim with cosmopolitan malls, historic monuments, galleries, restaurants, clubs, and natural attractions.

    Boegoeberg 4x4

    Boegoeberg 4x4

    Boegoeberg 4x4 Trail
    WHERE? Graafwater, about halfway between Clanwilliam and Lamberts Bay, West Coast
    WHEN? Booking is essential.
    HOW? Call +27 (0)27 482-2933
    HOW MUCH? Price on request
    The magnificence of the Western Cape is unquestionable, and continues to entice visitors from all corners of the globe year after year. In fact, it is testified to by the fact that many of the visitors are also from South Africa; locals that want to escape the busy pace of city living and enjoy the pristine splendour of the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

    The Boegoeberg 4x4 Trail is an out and back trail that does not require the assistance of a guide, but can be tackled alone. However, the winter months bring rain, and the course can get rather slippery during these rainy times. This trail extends for 25 kilometres through mountain passes, loose rock, river crossings and sandy stretches. It takes about six hours to complete and has a formal grading of between three and four. There are two shorter routes available at Boegoeberg too, one of which is circular and rather challenging, thanks to sand hills and riverbeds.

    There are two shorter routes available at Boegoeberg too, one of which is circular and rather challenging, thanks to sand hills and riverbeds.


    The Boegoeberg 4x4 Trails is located on the Lambertshoek Farm and, as such, boasts breath-taking views of the Western Cape towns of Lamberts Bay, Elands Bay and Graafwater, as well as the wonders of the Cedarberg Mountain Range, which remains a geological, archaeological and natural treasure trove. The farm shop stocks some of the basics that drivers and their passengers may need.
    Because this part of the Western Cape is so undeniably beautiful, it is popular for outdoor enthusiasts in general, not only those with a penchant for 4x4 adventures. Popular local activities include mountain biking and hiking on the various trails, climbing the mammoth sand dunes, and swimming in some of the local pools and dams. Photographers will delight in the many opportunities on offer to capture some of the most breath-taking vistas imaginable while immersing themselves in the tranquillity of this oasis.



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    The Brewers
    We are the seventh generation Nieuwoudt family on Kromrivier in the Cederberg. Derik, Melanie, Tania and Nadine Nieuwoudt established the brewery in 2013. The eldest daughters, Melanie and Tania Nieuwoudt, are the brewers.
    Tania is currently completing her MComm in Logistics Management.
    Melanie completed her PhD in Food Science specialising in brewing

    Cederberg Private Cellar

    Cederberg Private Cellar

    Winning the coveted Veritas Double Gold medal has helped put this estate on the South African map. Red wine production makes up 60% of the produce with the remainder white wine. The vineyards consist of 53 hectares and the cellar produces six ranges. Each range and wine offers something unique. The ranges include the estates signature Bukettraube; Five Generations; David Nieuwoudt Ghost Corner; the Waitrose Foundation sustainable range; Cape Atlantic; and the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction wines.
    The location offers pure mountain air and water which allows for magnificent fruit to be produced. The cellar is a committed member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative and has been in the Nieuwoudt family for five generations.
    To view more wine estates in the region see Olifants River Wine Estates or see South Africa Wine Estates for a general overview and links to other wine producing regions.

    Interested? Check out for bookings and accomodation options

    Please comment with your personal experiences of the the campsite and trails. If you think you know of a better location for a longweekend of wheeling... let us know. And remember....

    If in doubt, power out

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