- "The Persuaders!” Aston Martin DBS

"The Persuaders!” DBS

46w ago


The 1967 Aston Martin DBS has always been one of my favourite cars. At the Concours of Elegance this year, I met a fleet of Vantage and DBS. The cars looked magnificent.


However, I found a very interesting model: "The Persuaders!” Aston Martin DBS.

The Persuaders! was a TV series starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis produced in the 70s. The DBS is featured in the show and the story behind this car is truly intriguing, as I transcribe it below from am information sheet provided alongside the car:

This is the famous Aston Martin DBS driven by Roger Moore in the 1970s TV series. Moore, who played “Lord Brett Sinclair” was cast opposite American legend Tony Curtis who played “Danny Wilde”.

The Bonnet of "The Persuaders!” Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin supplied the DBS for Moore whilst Curtis drove a Ferrari Dino.

Aston Martin had been asked by the producers of the series to provide Moore with the then brand new Aston Martin DBS V8 powered by their new V8 engine. In the event, all of the available V8 engines had already been earmarked for customers.

So, whilst this car has been cosmetically badged to look like a V8 (wheels, side vents etc) it is in fact powered by the final version of the DB6 straight six-cylinder engine.

The actual registration number of this car is “PPP 6H”.

"PPP 6H"

Sir Roger Moore and the DBS

However, for the TV series, famous circus owner Billy Smart agreed to make available for “Brett Sinclair” his own personal plate “BS1”. This is the plate which appeared on the car throughout the run, save for one episode where, in two of the scenes, the film crew forgot to change the plates over!

By the mid-90s the car was in a sorry state. The car’s fourth owner, Mike Sanders, commissioned a full restoration to concours standard by Aston Martin themselves, with no expense spared. The work took two years during which time the car was returned to the exact specification as at the start of the filming of “The Persuaders!”. Since then the car has been little driven and meticulously maintained by its fifth and now sixth owners.

“PPP 6H” was purchased by the current owner, Jeremy Levison, at the Bonhams Aston Martin auction in May of 2014.

The Persuaders Aston Martin DBS in motion

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What a car!

And here's the theme music of The Persuaders!

Sir Roger Moore reunited with The Persuaders DBS.

How do you think about this special DBS?


Ps. Sorry about the mobile phone-grade photos, I dropped my camera at the DriveTribe office just two days before the concours…

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