The Petersen's hypercar exhibit celebrates the most extreme cars ever made

Including several top speed record holders.

6w ago

As it stands, the Petersen Automotive Museum is a must see for any automotive enthusiast. It's a well thought out facility with a huge amount of variety. If classic cars are your thing, head up to the 3rd floor. If you prefer today's exotics, they're sprinkled throughout the museum. If you're more into off-roading, there's a whole section dedicated to some of the most legendary rally and baja racers. There's even an exhibit that walks through the history of electric vehicles and how ended up with the EVs we have today. If you like cars, they'll definitely have something you want to see.

That statement is even more true as of Saturday, December 4th, when The Petersen unveiled to the public their newest exhibit entitled "HYPERCARS: THE ALLURE OF THE EXTREME".

Of all of the exhibits in the building, this one may be my favorite. On display are some serious heavy-hitters from brands like Mclaren, Bugatti, Pagani, and Koenigsegg. Several either held top speed records or aim to break them. A couple are EVs, with one of them being autonomous. Additionally, every car in the room had a top speed (estimated or confirmed) of over 200 mph; with one exception.

As someone who enjoys surprises, I won't divulge any more details about what's within the exhibit. What I can tell you is that The Petersen is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. If you're local to Los Angeles or will be visiting soon, I highly recommend blocking out some time to come check out this awesome new exhibit.

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  • And this, my friends, is what we call a lucky mofo 😍

      1 month ago
  • i want to go, but it's too far away

      1 month ago
    • +1 (I live on the other side of the globe...

        1 month ago
  • Lucky those who are living in the LA

      1 month ago
    • Definitely a great visit a couple times a year

        1 month ago
  • Why can't there be anything near Georgia q-q

    Besides being close to the BMW Club HQ, there's not much for cars around here.

      1 month ago
  • Ive been, but I was only there for a like 20 minutes because I was busy that day and didn’t see anything that interesting :((

      1 month ago