The French are known to do things differently & they are good, actually great at it. This 1983 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 from Machine Revival is exactly how.

3y ago

Walk past a bistro on a French village square and you cannot help being drawn-in by the plat du jour that’s on offer; no matter how full-to-the-brim you are. The French understand the art of seduction a bit too well, from which there’s no escape. Gastronomy, art or culture, the French have always been able to stir up the perfect recipe. The reason behind this is the countrymen’s inquisitiveness to experiment on everything they set their eyes on. With time, effort and a inbred hereditary talent to seduce, they then present their work made from the perfectly soulful recipe that’s hard to look away from. And that’s exactly the case in point here too with the 1983 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 “MR11” created by Machine Revival.

What we have here with the MR11 is a Porsche 911 restomod that’s like nothing else you have gotten used to seeing. Its character – part rockstar, part reserved and part bespoke. All of which come together for one purpose – to excite the one who drives it. From afar, the MR11 doesn’t scream and shout for attention. It is no “look at me” Porsche this. What it is from a distance is what the French like to call “Subtlety in flavour”. Up close though, things could not be more opposite.

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