The Porsche 550 A is Porsche's tiny little racing car that could destroy a field

27w ago


The Porsche 550 A came out in 1956 as a successor to Porsche’s first racing car, the 550 Spyder. Differing in construction, the 550 A had a full tube spaceframe which made it lighter than the 550 Spyder, while boasting the same 1.5-litre, four cylinder boxer “Fuhrmann Engine” that was used in the Spyder. The combination of a lightweight body that weighed just over 540kg and a 135 horsepower engine, the Porsche 550 A was capable of a factory claimed 150mph, back in 1956. This lightweight construction, power to weight ratio and a beautifully setup chassis meant that the 550 A would go against much bigger machines and still come out victorious on the other side, earning it the title of “Giant Killer”.

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