The Porsche 550A Spyder

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The Porsche 550A Spyder was the 2nd generation of the 550 series of cars that can be credited for pretty much singlehandedly establishing Porsche’s racing legacy.

The 550 series of cars first debuted at the 1953 Paris Motor Show. Spurred on by the competition success of the 356, the company decided to make a more pointed effort at building a ground up racing car. The 550A was built from 1956 onwards, and while sharing the same nomenclature and exterior styling as the 550, featured enough changes to be deemed a new generation model.

The Porsche 550A Spyder featured a new space frame chassis, replacing the older car’s rigid frame set up. This was stronger and lighter. The rear swing axles were also replaced by a more sophisticated trailing arm. The new, lighter aluminium body and other overall changes saw the 550 A’s weight drop by 155 lbs.

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