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The Porsche 911 causes sales problems for the Aston Martin Vantage

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Aston Martin's financial situation was not particularly good in 2019 and this is no secret for anyone. In July, the brand even had to reduce its sales expectations and therefore its profits because of the sharp drop in sales in Europe, including the United Kingdom. Too bad because the brand was on a good start with sales increasing over the 2017-2018 period.

The figures speak for themselves: in the third quarter of 2019, Aston Martin recorded a loss of £13.5 million ($17.3 million). This is due to a 16% decrease in new car sales. Last year and over the same period, the brand had a turnover of £3.1 million ($4 million). The loss was even more severe in the second quarter of 2019, amounting to £79 million ($101 million).

In the English brand's lineup, it is the small Vantage that is at the centre of the debate. Only 878 units were sold this year in Europe, less than half the number of Porsche 911s sold in the month of...September only. The recently renewed 911 continues to impress with its infinitely superior technological features and versatility.

Andy Palmer, the brand's general manager, also says he expects sales to be below projections for 2019. The future Aston Martin SUV, the DBX, should considerably consolidate the British brand's sales. Expected on November 20th, it comes at the right time to restore health to the Gaydon brand.

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  • I've been an Aston Martin owner for 30 years and have had 9 Astons over that time period. The press has NEVER gotten the story straight - Porsche had nothing to do with poor Vantage sales - Since they changed the elegant V8 and V12 Vantages of the past to a conglomeration of different designs that don't work well together (the interior is a mess, and the exterior looks like a catfish) the Vantages never sold well - yes the numbers they claim as being sold were accurate - but they sold to the dealers - not to willing buyers. The first indication of this mess was when they started offering lease deals - giving away 3 months rent, that's a move of desperation that gives the market a clue - something ain't right here. That was looong before the new 911 was available. In fact there is a ton of DB11 V8's and Vantages sitting on the dealer's floors and even at heavily discounted pricing - no takers. They have Mercedes running gear and Mercedes electronics, but not the fancy new Mercedes electronics - but those already looking dated. Only now do you hear in the press of this trouble with Vantages not selling - well that's been the case all along - you redesign the product from being the ONLY elegant gentleman's sportscar, and with my V12S, arguably the only elegant supercar - and then under Andy Palmer, instead of evolving it taking advantage of it's market uniqueness, he recreated it as one ugly mess with a Mercedes engine hidden behind a sea of cheap plastic when you open the hood, and charge more for the AMG GT (that's better looking and performing) it's based upon and wonder why Aston's in trouble? So now that the new 2020 911 is out - ouch! When the new C8 Corvette is out with the LT3 option (all leather interior) how is Aston going to possibly compete? This is a real problem for me, because I have 3 years factory warranty left on my V12S (it costs me nearly $2,000 annually just to have the 'required service' to keep my Aston Martin warranty enforce - the C8? - probably $0, my wifes BMW? That's covered - no cost) and I hope the company survives long enough for parts and service. Before Aston went public, if there was a warranty issue - they just took care of it as one wold expect of a car of this caliber. Since they went public, my local Aston dealer still gives incredible service, but now there have been things disputed, that even a Kia dealer would have no problem taking care of. I'm not alone - it's the topic of every of the dozens of other Aston owners I know locally. However, we can buy a non-street legal $120K motorcycle, a towering condo in Miami, a boat or yacht, and soon, a flying plane with the Aston Martin logo! We used to get high quality clothes with the Aston Martin logo - even that is no longer available at dealers - again, branding seems to be missing with the company. Aston needs to retool and do what they do so well in the past - in the face of ruin, redesign and reinvent but keep the basics - the elegant sportscar - that's their niche and get the best designers to bring back the elegance they lost. These are huge concerns as a three decade fan of the brand - it's painful to witness, like a plane crashing or a boat sinking.

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    • Finally, someone who understands the point.

      If you want cheap supercar performance, buy the Corvette.

      If you want an all-rounder that excels in every aspect(except for the...

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      2 days ago
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    • Evo Uk doesn't agree and frankly it's just enough,at least for me. Actually the large majority of the people who is buying GTs/Sportcars/Supercars has very little awareness...

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  • I thought both brands have very different customer profile. one is a serious guy who cares about handling and feel. one is a more refined man who wants comfort tour with looks and elegance. but I think if aston martin had more publicity in china they would have sold a lot more, since it's kind of a status symbol.

    2 days ago
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