The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has broken the Nürburgring production car lap record

The 691bhp monster was fitted with a Manthey Performance kit

6w ago

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has broken the Nürburgring production car lap record, lapping the 20.832km circuit in 6 minutes and 43.3 seconds.

Previously the record was held by the Mercedes GT R Black Series after it lapped the 'Ring in 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Porsche's attempt to break the record took place on 14 June with factory development driver Lars Kern behind the wheel of the GT2 RS.

The Manthey Performance kit means the GT2 RS had a carbon fibre roof panel and suspension components, titanium roll cage, magnesium wheels and of course, that rear spoiler. No changes were made to the engine and the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat-six made 691 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.

“The 911 GT2 RS sticks to the track like glue with the Manthey Performance Kit. You feel as if you’re in a racing car, especially on faster corners. It is truly breathtaking how the car puts its 700PS (691bhp) down, and how incredibly well it brakes while always remaining easy to control,” Kers said.

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Comments (5)

  • Again? 😅😅😂

      1 month ago
  • It’s a modified car, not a production car.

      1 month ago
  • Hmm, from what I see it beat the record by 0.3s, not almost 5. I'm looking at an article from Nov 2020 that the GT black series did a 6:43.62

      1 month ago
  • Titanium roll cage? Damn. I think this is the first I've heard of.

      1 month ago