The Porsche 911 T is here to simplify your life

1y ago


Another month and another lightweight 911 has arrived. This is the 911 T, and it's here to lighten and simplify things.

The 911 T was a thing of the Sixties, and this new model is a direct descendant in name only. The T in the name stands for Touring, but don’t think for a second that this means it’s all soft and weak. Porsche have shown their sporting intentions with this car by giving us an old-school lightweight special, think of it as a 911 R for everyone and not just the chosen few.

All that lightweight and old school-ness comes from the binning of the four-wheel drive system, the PDK box and all of the leather (very heavy) along with the deletion of the cruise control and the like meaning a 20kg weight drop over the standard car.

What buyers will get is a poverty spec 911 Carrera with a 365bhp 3-litre turbo flat-six motor and a seven-speed manual gearbox with shortened ratios driving the rear wheels via a standard mechanical diff powering the rear wheels.

Other changes include a 10mm drop in ride height, a standard fit sports exhaust and a thinner and therefore lighter rear window so you can hear the noise of that flat-six turbo motor.

All of this weight loss and purity means a 1,425kg kerbweight, resulting in a 4.5 second 0-62mph time and a 180mph of top speed which shaves a tenth of the standard cars time.

If you want one, then prices start at £85,576 (£8,000 more than a standard Carrera) making it the cheapest way into hardcore 911 ownership.

Would this be your choice ahead of the more expensive GT3 Touring? Join the discussion in the #supercars live chat.

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