The Porsche 928 was my childhood dream car thanks to an arcade game

Back in the late 1980’s there was only one car for the much younger me, and it was all thanks to Chase H.Q.

3y ago

Back in the late 1980’s the some of the greatest games were only available in one place, the arcade. There was no DLC with games taking an age to actually make it onto home consoles. In the late 1980’s I experienced my very own Highlander moment when the arcade game Chase H.Q. gave me the one and only poster car of my youth, the iconic Porsche 928.

What is a Chase H.Q.?

For those of you too old or even young to remember Chase H.Q. it took gamers into the world of “Chase Headquarters” who for some reason always started a massive distance behind the criminals they were trying to apprehend. In 1988 it was the pinnacle of racing/action arcade gaming and I played it almost non-stop.

And don’t think that these super-criminals would just pull over at the sight of sirens on a black 928 either, you’d find yourself continually ramming them into submission using a Porsche shaped battering ram before arresting the bad guys.

It was the one game I played non-stop to the point where I could ace all five levels on a single credit in less than fifteen short minutes. This of course was the much younger me at the height of my gaming powers, hence I was full of gaming prowess.

The Porsche 928 Poster Car

Back in the late 1980’s, there was no internet or camera phones so carspotting was an entirely different thing. Instead of snapping a picture of a rare piece of exotica on the phone you didn't yet have, you simply remembered what car you’d seen and bragged to your mates about it instead.

I remember vividly seeing a Porsche 928 at the Birmingham motor show in late 1988, the flat nosed, long bonnet and pop-up headlights that hid that mighty burbling V8 motor. The triangular shaped rear windows and that arched roof-line; everything about it was so right that it quickly became my wall poster car based purely on the visuals and the fact that it was the Porsche from the arcade game.

Sadly for me, it was the one car I wanted that I have even come close to owning. By the time I learned to drive the 928 was way too expensive for the younger version of me. Even when prices came down to reasonable amounts in the early 2000’s, again sadly was still a distant dream with thanks to the passages of time meaning that any repairs were likely to result in the sale of my vital organs on the black market. With prices skyrocketing and good examples becoming scarce, the prospect of owning my dream 928 will likely forever remain a distant one.

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  • I also played that game. On Nintendo. But I never reached 5-levels-in-10-minutes efficiency.

      3 years ago
    • I was 12 which was a long time ago, hence never to be repeated!

        3 years ago