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The Porsche 959 supercar is full of surprising quirks

The very rare $1.5 milion Porsche 959 is not without its interesting features

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Doug DeMuro has his hands on a very rare Porsche 959. The 959 was built in very small numbers, 292 examples to be exact. At the time of its release it was considered technologically advanced Many of its originating features reflected in supercar technology we see today.

The systems implemented in the 959 including ABS, adjustable ride height, adjustable suspension dampening, variable turbine geometry turbos, the use of Carbon Kevlar and other composites during construction and even lightweight hollow wheels were a first.

The Porsche 959 is an 1980s supercar icon, representing the imaginative innovation of Porsche and the origins of modern supercars today. Of course along with this the 959 is not without its quirks.

Doug DeMuro manages to uncover the most interesting quirkiness of the Porsche supercar. From the centrelock wheels and changing tyres to the G on the gear lever, which stands for Gelände or off-road gear. Then there is the twin turbo technology for low and high engines speeds.

Watch to Doug and all will be revealed.

The quirky G on the gear lever

The quirky G on the gear lever

The 959 centrelock wheels and key (Image Pelican Parts

The 959 centrelock wheels and key (Image Pelican Parts

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