The Porsche that started my passion: 1:18 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 by Bburago

    Y​ears after this car sparked my love of cars, I was able to get it in 1:18 scale

    4w ago


    C​ars, and more specifically Porsche, have always been a big part of my life. Since late 2012 when my father took delivery of his 2013 991 Carrera S that he still owns today, Porsche has fascinated me. Even though Bentley and Ferrari are some of my favorite brands, nothing compares to the craftsmanship and experience Porsche provides. While the 991 sparked my love for Porsche, the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 grew and continued my love for its cars.

    Flashback five years ago: The iPhone 6 was the best phone on the market and the modern-day Holy Trinity was recently formed. I was eight and had no idea what a "DriveTribe" was. I downloaded a racing game on my iPad, Real Racing 3, which is effectively a mobile version of Forza Horizon 4. I was in third grade and knew nothing about cars at the time, but I was very fond of the sound of my fathers old V10 M5 and current flat six 911. That sound began my love of German cars. To learn the controls of my newly downloaded game, which were simply tilt the iPad left to go left and right to go right, you first got to test drive a few laps on a simulated Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The first car you got to drive was a 991 (997) GT3 RS 4.0, the flagship 911 at the time. That short video game drive may not mean much to you, but I remember being so incredibly excited to be in that exotic-looking car. As an eight year old, I didn't know what the name of the car meant so I Googled it immediately after finishing the race. I was in love.

    F​lashforward to the present: California is on fire and 2020 is the worst year we've seen in decades. During the pandemic, I decided to expand my ever-growing 1:18 collection. Half a decade after a test drive in a mobile racing game changed my life forever, I bought the very car in the very specification that made me a car guy. I am proud to present my review of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 by Bburago.

    F​irst impressions

    Yes, it was another trip to Costco, this time with my Mom. Before we began looking for the two million-pack of Qtips, I​ gently steered our cart over to the five foot by five foot area that mattered most to me in the huge warehouse store - the Maisto display that is nearly as tall as I am.

    If you thought Costco only sells Maisto diecast models, you're wrong - sort of - but I didn't know this until got home. After carrying in the last of our purchases, I was extremely excited to open my Porsche model, and when I did I was surprised. The box had typical Maisto packaging but inside it was a Bburago model of my GT3. While both Maisto and Bburago are part of the May Cheong Group, it seems odd they would have share packaging across brands. When I got past my brief confusion that came along with that, I found that this model is surprisingly thoroughly detailed. I've always thought that Bburago didn't offer the quality level of Maisto, but my new Porsche changed my mind. Some notable features include, but are not limited to, "PORSCHE" written across the rear spoiler, center-lock wheel caps with "RS" script across them, and the Motorsport stripe painted straight over the hood and roof.

    Unfortunately there are some minor things I didn't like that I need to point out. I was disappointed that the holes in the rear wing supports were missing and the area was painted black instead. I also didn't like how the rear vents behind the side stripe were painted in the body color, which eliminated the look of the vents and watered down the aggressive look of the rear overall when compared to the full size version.

    E​xterior styling

    B​burago definitely put more effort into this model; so much so that the overall quality beats a lot of Maisto's cars. The paint lines around the windows were very clean, there is very little plastic used, and decals such as the Porsche badge are straight. The taillights, split into two sections for the turn signal and brake light, are textured with grooves that you'd find on the real thing. Other finer details include the textured front vents, "fins" near the front fascia, and "Porsche" written near the bottom of the rear window. Some neat features I also appreciated were all of the "RS" or "RS 4.0" badges. Those can be found below the rear lip under the wing, on the side stripe on the doors, and on the center caps as stated above. This model is a big step up from my Bburago E Type. Bburago has perfectly captured the beauty of this 911 GT3 RS.

    I​nside the cabin

    I​n my previous experience with Bburago, the interior reproduction was "very ok," nothing noteworthy. Fortunately, the interior of this 911 GT3 RS is much better replicated, with numerous features I wouldn't expect on a car from a "cheaper" manufacturer. Some of these features include the carbon fiber decal "RS 4.0" in the door well, a detailed gauge cluster, and two- tone bucket seats. Bburago also took the extra step if including the roll cage behind the front seats. More details like a painted hand break, gear shifter, and Porsche's terrible 997 infotainment are also featured! The interior wasn't perfect, however. For some reason the gas/brake/clutch pedals and the foot rest were chromed for some reason which makes no sense and was disappointing to see.

    U​nder the hood

    W​hile Porsche doesn't give you a full view of the engine in their full-size 911 models, Bburago still intricately detailed the flat six engine. From the get-go, you will see mostly everything is carbon fiber, as it should be. The silver "RS 4.0" badge is also displayed perfectly (!) on the front of the engine. The oil caps can be found to the right of the engine, which is painted black, which mirrors the full-size 911. Lastly, a feature that I really like is the cold air intakes. The red grooves in between the RS 4.0 badge are the two cold air intakes on the full size version. Boy, does Bburago take their time on details or what?


    You never know what you are going to find when you go to Costco. I went in expecting to come out with a container of peanut butter the size of my head but instead I got an excellent model of the car that changed my life in so many ways. I have no idea how a Bburago model got into Maisto packaging and I was equally surprised that it outperformed previous Maisto models I've gotten from Costco, quality-wise as well as detail-wise. And, I got it for $15. The best thing about all of this is that I can look over from my desk and see the model that made me a car guy and put me on the path to where I am today!

    1​:18 Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS 4.0 by Bburago

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    • Hey LaLD, what was your first 1:18 model? 🤔 @tribe

        29 days ago
    • One of my 1st 1/18 models was also a 911 gt3 rs but mine is a 991.2

        30 days ago
      • I was so close to getting that model but I got an Aston Martin Vulcan by them instead.

          30 days ago
    • First 1/18, my black RWB 993, has been subsequently sold :(

        29 days ago
    • Now, that’s absolutely beautiful

        1 month ago
    • Not sure if you can see it Mason, but Maisto’s Instagram gave you a like on your pic!

        28 days ago
      • Wow! I don’t have Instagram yet but that’s really cool. Thanks for posting the photo!

          28 days ago


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