The price of MAURITANIAN Visa drops

2y ago


After Morocco it is essential to go to the frontier border with Mauritania. even though the buildings look very Dysitopian film set, the very official looking guards are very friendly.

Border is open between from around 09:00 and 18:00, been advised that should take half a day from start to end of the process. Try to get to the border first thing, to be first in the queue. This is the same wherever you try to cross borders throughout the globe, not always possible I know....

He price has dropped down to €40, plus an additional €10 to a transiteur fixer for the paperwork.

By now a fixer will have nabbed you and offer to do it all for you for a fee from €10. Like in Wadi Halfa (Sudan) it’s a bit of a scam, in that you could DIY but there’s no getting away from paying the fixer. You will get all your docs sorted so just accept it good naturely as a ‘tax’. Your fixer may do all the procedures listed below.

Chris Scot

Bikes at the frontier border

Once you arrive at the frontier, purchase, the you get to the buildings at the start of the Mauritanian tarmac where you get stamped by the Gendarmerie. You then buy a visa if necessary. No passport photos or photocopies needed: they photograph you with a webcam and scan your passport.

Next get an A4 30 day Temporary Import Permit (TIP), and then insurance for the vehicle.

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West coast of Africa is Ras Nouadhibou, a small peninsula shared by Mauritania and Western Sahara

Once you have all the documents signed at the border your vehicle will be searched be prepared to empty your car, and don't expect to take fuel or alcohol across as this is very forbidden. Once cleared then you are free to travel south through Mauritania. The advice is to only stop near to police stations, in built up areas.......

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