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    The price of the cheapest EV in the States is being slashed

    It's also looking like one of the strangest EVs to boot

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    As one of the biggest producers of EVs around the world, Chine looks set to gain from the growing global demand for EVs, in particular in the state of California.

    Introducing the Kandi K27. Initially set to make its way to the US as the cheapest EV on the market in California, the original price of $12,999 after federal tax credits has once again been slashed, resulting in a price of only $7,999 after tax credits.

    Kandi America

    Kandi America

    Therefore, not only would the K27 become the cheapest EV on the market, but also the cheapest new car in the country. Of course, we can't expect particularly high-quality build or fitment for that price, but as a basic runabout, it may have potential for cornering the budget mobility market.

    Kandi America

    Kandi America

    The range of the K27 is only a mere 100 miles, but that's still better than some first-generation EVs such as the original Nissan Leaf. Plus, in California, it would still be enough for a cheap city runabout, which will likely be plugged in while the driver is at work or at home overnight.

    Kandi America

    Kandi America

    There are other issues too. The top speed of the Kandi K27 is only 63mph, which would struggle on any US interstate. Not only that, but the motor is only 27hp (equivalent) so even getting up to speed will be a slow process.

    However, all things considered - a brand new EV for sub-$8k is impressive, so if you need a simple A-to-B runabout in urban California, the Kandi K27 may be worth a shot.

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    Comments (33)

    • I’d take one for urban commute as long as the recharging infrastructure is available, beats mass transit crowding especially during this unhinged runaway pandemic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        8 days ago
    • Would be terrifying to go down the highway in this thing around F-150s and Silverados 😱

        7 days ago
      • I wouldn't do it. I like doing crazy stuff but that would be suicide in a cheap car. Nah. I can think of better ways thanks.

          7 days ago
    • You can just buy a second hand golf cart here in Florida, stick a plate on it and putt down the road at 15mph holding up traffic. It’s unbelievable stupid but hey, welcome to Florida.

        7 days ago
    • Isn’t this just a glorified electric wheelchair?

        7 days ago
    • Er, no.

        5 days ago


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