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How does Peugeot escape from bankruptcy ?

2y ago

Back in the time , Peugeot was the french automobile leader as it owns a wide range of brands such as Citroën , the thing that made her one of the greatest car brands in the 70's besides GM Motors that has a big success in that time.

Unfortunately, the leadership of Peugeot didn't last long as it was in the edge of bankruptcy. This last doesn't come from nothing as Peugeot has spent a pretty penny buying a lot of brands, the thing that made her lost all the capital.

To save the company and to make the flag of Peugeot always flapping in the air, the president of peugeot has given all the company designers the task to make a small compact car with a fresh design and more personnality. A bargain car that can satisfy all the needs of medium class people.

So, the choice was put in the 205. It is a small car that verify all the condition given by the president of Peugeot. When Peugeot decided to sell this car, they were suprised and shocked by the big number of 205 that has been sold making it the first car ever bought in france for two years.

To complete this Saga, Peugeot has made a sport version of the 205 baptised 205 GTI. It was a very popular car with it 1.6l and 1.9l diesel engine that gives speed and fun at the same time.

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  • Love those little old hatchbacks!

      2 years ago