The Problem With Modern Cars.

Yes Some New Cars Are Great, But There Are A Lot Wrong With Them And Here Is Why...

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Now I'm going to start this article out by saying that I don't necessarily think that new cars are bad, but I am trying to say that they used to be a lot better. Look let's say 50 years ago, everyone was nuts about cars!!! That was because cars where exciting, they had massive V8's and beautiful body lines (At least in America) overseas though it was much of the same story, their where peppy little lightweight sports cars and beautifully sculpted Italian sports cars like the Muira and the 250 GTO, it truly was a great time to be in love with cars. Now it's hard to get excited about your moms Chevy Traverse or your dads Honda Accord, I mean sure they do fine as daily drivers but they don't give you the fizz as James would say.

Take for example the image above, that is a 1967 Ford Country Squire with a 428ci. big block V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. That was what families used to ride around in, and is part of the reason why so many kids grew up to be enthusiasts, it looked fantastic, it was fast as hell and it had a manual transmission!!! what more could you ask for. Now the other picture above is a modern interpretation of a family car, the Ford Escape now it isn't a terrible car by any means, it's just uninspired. It looks boring, it drives boring, it doesn't have a fire-breathing V8 and a manual transmission but instead it has a turbo 4-cylinder engine and an automatic. This doesn't inspire young kids, this sucks the soul out of them!!!

Part of the problem we are in now has to do with the oil crisis of the early 1970's. Due to rising gas prices a lot of car companies had to make their cars more fuel efficient, now at the time we didn't have the same technology we have today, so cars where terribly slow, out went the 500hp big blocks in came the 60hp econo-boxes. This became a problem for enthusiasts, who now had to drive a small fuel efficient hatchback. Now by the mid 90's you could start to see the improvement of technology, cars could now be fuel efficient and fast, with the creation of GM's famed LS1 engine, and Fords "Mod" motors, but other problems have plagued cars since then.

Dull design became a problem in the 2000's designers seemed too just lose all imagination with their designs. Even exciting cars looked boring like the Ferrari F430, it was a brilliant car but the design was terrible!!! it was as dull as a blank sheet of printer paper, and that wasn't the only one the Lamborghini Gallardo was also very boring looking. You see the problem with modern car is they are too bulky, they have too much plastic, and they are either way overly done with what they think is cool (Like the Pontiac Aztec) or are extremely boring to look at.

The next point I am going too make is on crossovers, yes they do their job well but they are like the plague!!! They started off as people wanting something that was practical but wasn't a mini-van, and had a tall ride height but wasn't an offroader. So in came the crossover, these monstrosities are not fun to drive in any way, they look terrible and really the only thing they inspire is hatred.

The biggest problem facing cars today is government regulations, whether it be safety, emissions, or fuel economy regulations each is ruining cars these days. Cars are having to be bigger and bigger in order to pass crash testing, while at the same time they have to reach a certain average fuel economy rating and pass emissions. So you end up with a 4,200 pound car with a turbo 4, yes it is fine but it doesn't have that fizz that a classic gives you. Electric cars are another huge problem, no matter what your opinion is on electric cars you have to admit that they don't have a soul like an ICE powered car. If governments keep pushing for electric cars this may be the end of great drivers cars.

Finally my final point in this article is technology is ruining cars, whether it be self driving technology or 10 speed transmissions, they all seem to take more and more away from the driving experience. In my opinion I think self driving technology should be banned, it has zero benefits to the world and at least a dozen negatives.

Sometimes I wish we could just go back in time so we could remember how great cars used to be, that way we could remember all the wonderful things that we now take for granted!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Comments (83)

  • too many gimmicks, too many electronic nannies, too much platform sharing in new cars, and why do manufacturers insist on every car in their lineup having the same look? it's boring

      1 month ago
    • I know! Even McLaren is bad about looking the exact same throughout their entire lineup

        1 month ago
  • I especially dislike the 992 911. It’s is too large and is becoming to much of a luxury car than a true drivers car. The interior update isn’t sporty and it has way to much technology. I also don’t like how the 3.0 L is turbocharged. I wish it was naturally aspirated so it could have higher and quicker revs. It just doesn’t sound very good. And I feel like the 992 doesn’t even look as nice as previous generations like the 997 and 996. Anyway sorry for the Porsche rant. Great article! Enjoyed the read

      1 month ago
  • Despite having most of the modern-day safety technology and enough creature comforts (For a supercar), the GMA T50 is absolutely amazing and great from an enthusiast's point of view. We really should celebrate the existence of cars like these in a world where everyone are going towards electric mobility. We should not lose hope completely...

      1 month ago
    • No we shouldn't, and I'm fighting till the very end, but what I am trying to say is that their are only a few good cars out right now, and even then, a Hellcat challenger is not as good looking as a 1970 Challenger with the Hemi for example, I'm just...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • I agree with you, mate. Even petrol cars are losing their soul and the future seems to not favour the existence of cars that we love and admire...😓

        1 month ago
  • Another gr8 example I love to give here is Subie! What once was this!!😍😍

      1 month ago
  • Sorry, I have owned many many classic cars, they suck. Too antiquated. I have sold all but one, and that one probably leaving soon. I don't want own anything older than pre-2000ish anymore.

      1 month ago
    • I think that you just don't want to put in the work, there is also the other option that you could restomod it

        1 month ago
    • Put in the work? I have restore several of the classic cars I owned doing almost all the work myself and made money when I sold them. In hindsight it wasn't really worth it.

      How many classic cars have you restored?

        1 month ago