The problem with NFS Heat

    It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but it has a massive reason why I don't play anymore

    5w ago


    NFS Heat was a gem in the rough. With good post-launch support I'd undoubtedly still be playing now.

    Let's face it. Payback wasn't great. The story was ok-ish; it was a mediocre excuse for some Fast and Furious action, the city feels dead, the rallying physics, although somewhat more realistic than Heat was distinctly less fun and it had the disgusting speed cards upgrade system.

    Heat was far better. Engaging story, although far too short, brilliant looking game, great day/night system and incredibly, lusciously difficult cops(that were nerfed so now they're crap). It has it's flaws though

    It's handling is not remotely realistic

    Double tap the throttle and you're in a slide. It's actually faster to drift around a corner than grip.But honestly I don't really blame it-it's NFS; it's pretty much as arcade as you can get short of Trackmania and Asphalt 9! It is fun admittedly and the warp speed effect with the big shot of NOS is really cool.

    It's got an underwhelming car list

    It's not a great car list. It tries to make it up with a plethora of customization options and pretty decent engine sounds, but compare it to FH4's car list and it's Spartan.

    Worst of all

    Post-launch support. Heat was victim to abysmal support, mainly because of the move from Ghost to Criterion. If you don't know Ghost Games was the Swedish studio that has been developing NFS games for the past few years. A while after Heat was released EA announced it was disbanding Ghost and NFS was moving to Criterion because they thought they'd have a 'bigger talent pool' (correct me if I'm wrong here) in England, which is where Criterion is based, than in Sweden.

    Admittedly a few employees moved from Ghost to Criterion and happily nobody lost their job, but it meant a team who had been working on this ame were switched out to fresher and more controversial team at Criterion. I say controversial because they have been reigning during what I call the 'dark ages' of Need for Speed. Rushed games being released that people weren't happy with, and also that sacrilegious abomination of a game called NFS Most Wanted 2012.

    Once the move happened, we got a crossplay update and that was it. End of story. I was not happy and eventually I got bored and left because there just wasn't much I wanted to do.

    In conclusion I felt it had real potential and if it got the incredible support that the Crew 2 has got it'd be doing very, very well indeed.

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    • Midnight club LA is the right move

        1 month ago
      • A midnight club remaster would actually be sick

          1 month ago
      • Yes, but I can almost GUARANTEE it’ll get crap post-launch support as well.

        Take Red Dead Online and GTA Online as an example - there is now a widespread, unofficial program which shall remain nameless, which allows modders to ‘blame’ you...

        Read more
          27 days ago
    • I completely agree. I enjoyed it, but the flame of Heat died out too soon. The cars were much of the same from Payback, with just a few more supercars added on the list. The AI were, once again, terrible. The police were good, until the massive nerf. The handling was much better than 2015 or Payback but still not realistic enough. The map, although interesting in part, was mostly lifeless. I loved the story and the soundtrack, but I wish it had more support, otherwise the heat wouldn’t have died out so quickly for this great game.

        26 days ago
    • Carbon and Prostreet are the best imo

        1 month ago
    • Something else I noticed with Heat - after playing that and Payback back-to-back, I noticed that the car sounds have a bit of a downgrade.

      I have a Lamborghini Aventador in both games, you see. In Payback, it's the screaming V12 monster you'd except, but in Heat it sounds a bit muffled - the only real way I can think to describe it is like a piece of wool has been stuffed up the exhaust pipes.

        27 days ago
      • You can tune exhaust in Heat though. And that god-awful speed cards system was gone. And Heat has a better story imo, albeit far shorter.

          27 days ago
      • I can't argue with that

          26 days ago
    • From what it looks like, EA didn't want another Battlefield failure, so they pretty much shifted all focus into the next BF game. Sadly that left Battlefield V, Battlefront II and NFS Heat pretty much dead...

        27 days ago


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