- Credits: Rimac Automobili

The problem with Rimac Nevera

It had to be said

5w ago

The Rimac Nevera is… not a very good supercar. It is fast, like, painfully fast, and it is incredibly clever, but calling it a supercar is a complete misunderstanding of what real supercars are all about.

Hey everyone, I’m Stype, and let’s talk about that – Is Nevera a good supercar?

Let’s take the Lamborghini Murcielago SV for instance. I’m sure you will all agree that this thing is a perfect example of the category. Sure, by today’s standards it’s not the fastest, nor is it the most powerful one, but there is more to it than just that – it has drama and theater. The way it goes, the way it looks, the way it vibrates, and of course, the way it sounds. The SV is a full-on attack on all your senses! Except for the taste, but you get the idea.

Compared to the Lambo, the Nevera is just so one-dimensional. It goes fast, and that’s it. It doesn’t purr, it doesn’t spit flames, it doesn’t shake you while idling…

If the SV is like being at the first row at the Rammstein concert, the Nevera is this pantomime guy. Fantastic, but… mute.

What the numbers say?

All this car has is the numbers. It does 0-60 in 1.85 seconds, quarter-mile in 8.6, and on to the top speed of 258mph. The brochure then talks about its four electric motors for a combined output of 1900hp, 1700 lb-ft… and on and on and on.

Credits: Rimac Automobili

Credits: Rimac Automobili

Meanwhile, this is what you can read in the brochure for the Murcielago SV: from the heavy rumble of a stormy night, through the trumpeting of mighty elephants to the roar of a raging lion, the SuperVeloce performs the grand opera for 12 cylinders, 48 valves, and 8000 revs.

They didn’t say that the sound ranges from 60-110db, resonating between these and those hertz… No, they described it as if it is alive. And for us, people who love cars, who give them nicknames and recognize that cars have personalities, a car that feels alive is the one we fall in love with.

It needs to rumble

And how about those gear changes? Take the LFA for example – the best-sounding car ever. As you accelerate and the revs climb, the roar of an Angel becomes screechier, more powerful, more tingling… you feel it going down your spine, the hairs on the back of your neck go up, the heart goes faster and faster… and then you shift up and do it all over again. And then again, and again. Going through gears is a sensational experience, without which even the Koenigsegg Regera feels underwhelming.

That car has a mighty V8 but only one gear, so unless you are going way over any speed limit, the only noise you’ll hear is low rev burble which sounds as if the engine is starving.

And the electric cars, well they don’t have even that.

The cursed stopwatch

But, honestly, I shouldn’t be bashing only Rimac for this. There are loads of other electric supercars that are relying on numbers only, and as of lately, the numbers seem to be the most important things with petrol cars too.

I get it, it is an easy way to market your car as being better than the competition, that is, if better means faster. If a stopwatch is your only way to measure how good some car is, then there are cars made specifically just for that – just for the stopwatch. Take the Radical SR8 or the Mustang Cobra Jet for example; hardly anything will beat these two on their home turfs.

But we all know why people like the numbers so much - bragging rights. Driving around in a 1900hp Nevera or the 1800hp petrol-fed Venom F5 means you are better than the rest, even if there is rarely an opportunity to use its full potential.

Also, numbers are an easy marketing tool. All you need to do is write down some digits and that’s it. How about instead asking Stephen Fry to describe, in his own words, what zero to sixty feels like? Numbers only matter if you measure them, and do you really drive everywhere with a stopwatch and a G-Meter?

Supercars are losing their focus

Do you know that if you ask Rolls Royce people how much power the Phantom V12 makes, they will simply tell you – an adequate amount; enough to give you the proper Rolls Royce Experience. Does it matter what the number says?

And maybe the same should happen with supercars too. Right now, the Mercedes E63-S makes more power and does 0-60 faster than the Zonda F, and honestly, I couldn’t care less, and anyone who does is missing the point.

Slower than a 4-door luxury car. Problem?

Slower than a 4-door luxury car. Problem?

Also, focusing so much on the numbers means that other things will suffer. Look at the McLaren Senna… so obsessed with chasing the lap records that it now looks as if it was designed by engineers only; which I could easily believe to be true. And what to think of the springs that are stiffer than Johnny Sins at work?

Yes, you get to brag, but the Senna will make you suffer in the real world.

Even my beloved Lamborghini has fallen for this numbers trap when they decided to break lap records on the Nurburgring, twice! And later they announced a track-only car which they called the Lamborghini Essence.

Define supercar

No, that’s not the essence of Lamborghini, this is:

A supercar 👆

A supercar 👆

First designed to look like a car from outer space, but when that wasn’t enough it received a crazy-looking body kit which served no purpose, other than to look cool. Even the name, Countach, is a swear word, and it means F@*% me dead - famous first words from the janitor at the Lambo warehouse after he just saw the car.

This Countach, with its doors opening vertically, with twelve explosions happening thousands of times right behind your back… with an exhaust that will set you on fire if you get too close, a clutch that will give you the muscle soreness, a useless spoiler at the back and a naked girl laid over the front of it… that is the essence of Lamborghini. That is the real supercar.

Even stationary, the Countach is a theatrical experience. Next to it, any electric car feels like a statue; at best.

Rolex vs Apple Watch

But back to Nevera. Is this a sign of things to come? Sadly it is, and I sure hope that some car makers will resist the lure of performance above all. Lamborghini announced that all their future cars will be electrified in some way, Ferrari is talking about electricity too, and even Pagani announced their future car will be electric also.

That is just so wrong. When the Apple Watch came out, it was the first of its kind, and could tell the time more precisely than any analog watch before it; but do you think that someone who wanted a Rolex, went for a smartwatch instead?

Different is all-out better

Different is all-out better

In a way, that analogy can be applied to electric supercars too. The 1.85 seconds to 60 is so fast that it can cause you physical discomfort and pain. Suddenly, 2.3 seconds from a Porsche 918 isn’t fast enough? I mean, this is ridiculous, and the Nevera is just the first of its sort. Are we expected to see even faster times as the technology continues to develop?

And do you think that anyone with enough cash will be able to master it? It’s enough! Enough with the power wars, enough of the ludicrous numbers being the hottest selling point. It can go only so far before it becomes unusable in the real world.

The bigger picture

So let’s look at the Nevera from another perspective – as a demo car. It proves a point, fine… EVs can be quick, but we already knew that. I’m more interested in its range and charging times, and the usability in different climates. How can an all-wheel torque vectoring help with the safety? And most importantly when will this technology be packed into a new Corolla?

Now put a Corolla body on it

Now put a Corolla body on it

The biggest push for electric cars is not coming from the performance people, but the tree huggers, and those jerks are wrong for calling Ferraris and Hellcats “the gas guzzlers and destroyers of the Planet”. They aren’t!

A Ferrari 812 Superfast emits 366 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which is more than 111 grams coming out of a 2-liter Toyota Corolla; but there are only a few thousands of Superfasts on the road, whereas the number of Corollas is in the millions. Besides, the Ferrari will do two or three thousand miles per year only, while Toyotas are driven every day. So do the maths… who is the real gas guzzler here?

The eco-revolution needs to happen for the regular cars that are made for going from A to B, and I’m all for that. Let us all have silent and comfortable cars that we charge at home for a few bucks. I’m perfectly happy with it auto-piloting me to work and back when the roads are super congested; but supercars, and sports cars, and hypercars… well those are toys, and the more fun they are, the better they are. So leave them out of this. Leave them alone. [crying] Leave our toys alone.

Mate, if you are reading this, I have massive respect for the technology that you developed, and I love you, you are my Zemo, but I don’t love your car. Sorry.


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Comments (61)

  • I love it now that EVs are spanking ICE cars left and right, everyone is saying how speed and quickness isn’t that important anymore and it’s all about the experience. Such hypocrisy!

      1 month ago
    • The real enthusiasts never said speed above a certain point(0-60 in 5-6 seconds) was important. Ev's are fast, yes, but a 2000 hp ice car would be a modified Mk4 and it would provide an experience 10 times better than a nevera. Electric cars...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • Speed and quickness stopped being that big a deal a long time ago, there's a lot of of hype for cars like the T-50 and GR yaris even though they aren't particularly powerful by today's standards and plenty of people love the mx5 for the...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Good article but the LFA has a V10. Correct that before some fanboys try and murder you with blunt axes 😅.

      1 month ago
    • I was talking about Regera

        1 month ago
  • These are the excuses that will be going through the head of every ICE supercar owner whenever an EV spanks them on the road.

      1 month ago
    • Carwow recently did an EV 'race' from Inverness to London. 2 100K+ milkfloats, but I'd have easily 'spanked' them both in my 20 year old Focus.

      They were actually happy to see 50mph average speed zones because it saved them a bit of...

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • This made me chuckle

        1 month ago
  • To be honest, I'd call the Nevera a hypercar, not a supercar. Obviously, hypercars are faster and quicker than supercars. I do understand people who like internal-combustion engines, I really do. It's like the people who preferred steam engines to internal-combustion cars because that's what they were used to. But the automotive world keeps improving and EVs are the next step. They are quicker, faster, more efficient. They are simply technologically better.

      1 month ago
  • You do know that wild aerodynamics like on the Senna or Bolide are for functionality right

      1 month ago