The production version of the Holter is here!

Chimera's most popular car(As voted by you all) is here!!

17w ago

So far, all the designs we have shown are Prototypes. Now, the wait is over!! Here's the first production car-the Chimera Holter!!


Inspired by one of the most beautiful concept cars(The Shelby GR-1), the Holter has the looks of a ferocious supercar blended with Poise and refinement. What do you think of the design?? Lemme know in the comments!!

Front view

Front view

In case you are wondering what those vent-like things are-they provide air to cool those hot side-pipes


On the inside, the Holter has the refinement of a proper GT car. It may have supercar performance, but the ride and seats are as comfy as your bed!! This is the Manual version, and hence the stick. And yes, only one screen(The one that looks like a radio). The other screen is just a the Map pad(As we call it). If you don't want it, no problemo! Press of a button, and the screen hides away. If you never use it-Dw, it is detachable! Plus, if you are kids are annoying, that Pad can be used to play games and has Inbuilt Netflix!! Ok, I don't wanna bore you with the tech, so Imma stop it here


The engine is a lovely 6.4L NA V10 mounted in the front, with 600 HP and 750 NM of torque! It comes with RWD only, mated to a 6-speed Manual(Does 0-62mph in about 4s) or a 7-speed DCT gearbox(Does 0-62mph in about 3.3s). The car tops out at 202 mph!

Variants and price

The Holter starts from a price of 1 Bump(for a post), and rises all the way up to 10 TCs for the top spec.


So far, the car is available with 5 colours as standard-Polar Bear White, Abyss Black, Azure Blue, Pearl Silver and Bloodshot red. If you want a different one, that will cost extra


It is of 3 types-Comfort Pack, Race Pack and Tech Pack. Detailed explanation can be obtained by DMing me

And finally, here's the advert!

Wanna order one?? DM me personally!!

That's all for now thanks for reading and see ya!!

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