The project I've always wanted ...

My car is a 1993 Fiat Cinquecento 903 i.e, I bought it in March last year ', and I am proud to have bought it because I always wanted to own one and make it into a project that probably will last for years .
She is my daily car and when I have time I change it and I customize to improve especially in the power.
In a year, I managed with the engine swap to go from 39 hp to 70 and increase the engine capacity from 903 to 1050.

Washed, tuned, the engine is ready to be mounted on car.

The engine comes from an 1970 Abarth a112 and I love this especially because the Cinquecento of the 90s was the only one not to have the official Abarth version but only the Sporting version, so i choose to make my own Abarth version.
The chassis has been raised to a level equal to that of its more sporty version, with the addition of sports 175/50/13 Yokohama tires and a German sports suspension kit.

Yokohama a539 175/50/13. Same tire size as Mini Cooper S!!!

Ready to install freshy tires.

I choose to put on the iron rims for an upgrade in the future. My choices are directed towards to four-spoke rims but also the MiniLite could be the final solution. Also the braking system has been improved with the installation of slotted brake discs.

Love this suspension trim height.

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