The QX60 Monograph: Infiniti’s impactful homecoming

Infiniti is back in the Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama, Japan where they unveiled their latest QX60 Monograph. We take a closer look at it!

37w ago

For a brand that isn’t sold in Japan, releasing the latest QX60 Monograph was quite the surprise but as Infiniti reminded us, home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Precisely because Infiniti made its way back to the Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, this feeling of reconnection is worth a celebration for all that is to come. With this Monograph, Infiniti gives us a detailed insight of their new design direction, led by this QX60.

Taking the escalators down to the Nissan Gallery where the QX60 is displayed, it is its colour that strikes the most. Matte-looking and reflective all at once, this pearlescent paint is a reflective platinum hue that covers the body of the car as if liquid platinum was poured all over it. Not only does it make the concept look refined, it also brings out a very powerful look. And just like that, the tone for this new SUV is set.

Starting from the face,

it is not hard to understand why the word “muscular” has been repeated so often: the QX60 dominates the stage. Yet having an imposing presence does not necessarily mean overwhelming. Infiniti brushed and polished the hood to erase the previous generation’s curvy, convex face to show off the car’s lean mass. The carved shoulder line does a lot of carrying here as it gives the headlights a stronger accent and brings out the wheel arches. As the line continues, it subtly fades in and out of the body, reinforcing the car’s firm posture.

The profile reveals all of the effort that has been put in the car’s stance through several aspects, as senior design director Taisuke Nakamura explained to us. First off, the visual centre of gravity is raised and the glossy black roof and arches allow to keep the silhouette slender and the focus on the athletic and muscular body. Then, the roof extends into a rear roof spoiler, giving the profile a strong aerodynamic accent. Finally, a slightly elongated rear overhang completes the long wheelbase, allowing the car to look as if it was sitting on its rear wheels. Robust and poised is the result of this silhouette.

Other details worth noting on this Monograph

revolve around the grille and the lights. Sourcing inspiration in its home, Japan, the grille is designed in a way that is reminiscent of Japanese origami. Similarly, the panoramic roof is inspired by the “folds of a kimono,” as Infiniti mentions. It does sound fancy but what it means is that the panoramic roof features a panel that is decorated with perpendicular lines that resembles the neckline of a kimono. In this traditional garment, several layers must be worn and these layers can be seen in the V-shaped neckline. Not just in the details but in the overall silhouette as well, the QX60 embraces the concept of “Ma,” which refers to an emptiness in space full of creative possibilities.

The headlights as well as the taillights display a piano key motif or “Digital Piano Key” and as the Infiniti emblem illuminates, a light sequence follows into the headlights. Here again, the lights’ shapes have seen quite the transformation. Polished, they now look sleek and sophisticated, which is especially noticeable with the tinted taillights that disappear into one continuous shape once the lights are turned off. The front grille emblem is very well proportionate to the overall size of the car and its round shape contrasts with the grille’s geometric lines. The Infiniti logo can also be found at the back, both in its emblem and written forms and finally on the sporty wheels where it is engraved.

With such gorgeous new looks, there is enough for our eyes to feast on. However, the interior and powertrain remain a mystery for now but we can always make a few educated guesses based on the 2021 QX50 for the interior and the previous generation QX60 for the performance. We do believe there will not be any drastic change from the previous 295-hp, 3.5L V6 but then again, with a look that directly challenges the Range Rover Velar and with the electric future ahead of us, could we expect something hybrid?

The production QX60 is expected in 2021 and its looks should remain faithful to this current Monograph. In Yokohama, the QX60 is displayed alongside Infiniti’s earlier models, allowing the audience to appreciate the past, present and exciting future of the brand. From the 1989 grille-less Q45, Infiniti greatly changed the tonality of its models, all the way to this Monograph. This new QX60 is moving towards something more sculptural, minimal yet rich in details, which we can only look forward to being applied to the next generation Infiniti models.

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Comments (14)

  • I like that a lot. That paint job is cool, I see exactly what you mean by liquid but set at the same time.

    If the engine and interior are up to scratch I think they should have a winner on their hands.

    A friend of mine has the previous gen and loves it

      8 months ago
    • Agreed. We loved the paint too! With such a cool exterior design, we REALLY hope the interior and engine follow the same path!

        8 months ago
    • If they get that right this will be superb

        8 months ago
  • Very nice. I do think Infiniti needs to drop the “Nissan plus” language even if it’s true. Imagine if Lexus called themselves “Toyota plus” or Audi called themselves “VW plus”. Not an insult, but not exactly inspiring either.

      8 months ago
    • Understandable. Infiniti is still a brand that needs to gain more recognition, and referring to Nissan is a convenient way to do it. the more they grow, the more they should grow out of it!

        8 months ago
  • It's very, very nice but will I buy it over an Audi or Aston or Merc? I don't think so

      8 months ago
    • It's true that many will heavily lean to the German side because there's lots to love there. But then, there is also a difference in price that will make some people buy an Infiniti over these, especially depending on the country they're in.

        8 months ago
    • That’s right. Infiniti needs to capture the market and the best way to do it is by pricing their cars correctly

        8 months ago
  • The side shot made my think Range Rover straight away.. looks good

      8 months ago
  • Over-priced Datsun

      8 months ago