The R8 finally gets interesting!

The Audi R8 has never been particularly interesting to me. Except when Ironman drives it, then anything it's cool. Usually, people buy the R8 is because they don't know about the Huracan... but that is about to change. Audi has introduced an entry-level rear-wheel-drive version of the R8. I know what you are thinking, and no, it is not a limited version like the RWS. It will be a full production model available alongside the Quattro and V10 Performance and also on the coupe and spyder options.

As you can imagine, losing a whole drivetrain has affected the car in the right manner. The new "fun version" weights 75kg less than the R8 V10 Performance, compensating for the 79hp deficit it has compared to his big AWD brothers.

To put the power down, it uses the same 7-speed dual-clutch transmission as the other R8s and a mechanical locking differential. Of course, despite that, the acceleration is 0.4 lower than its AWD brothers (62mph in 3.7sec).

Prices have yet to be released, but it will be the entry-level model, meaning that will also be the cheaper.

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  • Make a petition for them to bring back the V8

    7 days ago
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  • Anything that makes mid engine cars cheaper is great, think this is a response to the C8?

    7 days ago


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