The Race That Nobody Knows About

La Carrera Panamericana, this is the name of the race that during the 50's was in the World Sportscar Championship. Races such as 24H of Le Mans, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and the 1000km of Nürburgring conformed alongside La Carrera the most difficult car racing championship ever held. Despite being at par with the greatest races in motorsport, many people lack knowledge that La Carrera existed (and still does); so it is my job to spread this beautiful race.

Modified Studebakers have at least 600 ponies underneath the bonnet.

Why it died

Probably it is a scarcely known race due to the fact that the 1954 edition was the last one of only 5 until the reborn of 1988, this was because the immense danger the race was becoming. The tragic deaths of some drivers in previous years combined with the accident of the 1955 Le Mans was enough to convince the organizers from suspending La Carrera, and as fast as it was recognized it was forgotten in the forthcoming years.

A comeback

It was the year 1988 and a for the first time in many years, La Carrera was made again, this time as a rally. The concept was to keep the original concept, so no pre-1975 cars were allowed and only cars from the original 1950's era could win the event, that since the reborn lasts a full week from the south to the north of Mexico.

A Jag that found life after death.

Why you should know it

Easy, it was (and still is) of the toughest races ever, only endurance events like Le Mans or Targa Florio could be compared, but the difference now lies in the nature of La Carrera. The organizers have made everything to make the race true to its roots, so actual roads are used for the race and the drivers push the cars to the limit, they put their lives in risk as much as the drivers of the 50's did it.

In conclusion, even though there are few technical or historical details in this article, I want to share my deep passion for this race and convince you of following this tribe, as this is something full of pure racing and that is unique. There's a reason why La Carrera is The Greatest Road Race.