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The Race to Drift Matsuri

1y ago


If you've ever heard of Drift Matsuri, you'll know just how difficult getting tickets to the event really is. If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out.

The difficulty of getting tickets doesn't stop Roy & Tom though who are using Matsuri as a deadline to get their cars built and finished. We'll be following the guys on their journey to get their cars finished in time, not knowing whether they'll actually be able to participate in the event, but building is all part of the fun, right?

I personally absolutely adore Roy & Tom's cars, they put a lot of time and effort into them, which is admirable. Their work schedules aren't the easiest to work around getting their cars finished with just over a month deadline, so this takes some dedication.

Roy owns an S14, which is probably his 20th drift car he's owned knowing him, boasting an array of modifications, from a bent cam SR20DET, modified knuckles and cosmetic enhancements, including a custom Sparco steering wheel, Navan kit and currently a Skoda green paint job, with a skull laced roof detail.

This will be the second make over the car has had since Roy's owned it in the space of 7 months. You might have even seen it up for sale at one point across the selling sites on Facebook, before he changed his mind (yet again) and decided to keep it and redo it.

Tom's a little more loyal to his car and has many pictures of his Touring at various drift events, including Matsuri. Although the car has gone through a few re-shell's Tom's had a Touring for around 5 years and boasts a facelift E46 Touring shell with an M3 front bumper, S54 engine and running gear including a standard M3 LSD with a mapped ECU. Accompanied by extended E36 arms with tapered ends to fit E46 hubs.

In order to get their cars ready in time for Matsuri, they're planning a full respray for both of the cars to match each other (friendship goals right there🙄) along with different prep, kits and wheels to go with their cars.

The first thing Roy told me he was doing to his was something called 'scotching,' which apparently consists of 'a pad you rub your car with.' After some prompting, I discovered it takes the shine from the paint already on the car and allows the new paint to cling to the car.

Along with the 'scotching' (I'm still sure he made this up,) his car's looking for a new Navan body kit, wheels imported from Japan, spoilers and full prep in time for respraying. With it recently undergoing an engine change, new turbo and respray, Roy's car doesn't have as much of a to-do list as Tom's.

They have already started the task of Tom's car, which requires replacing all 4 doors, putting on M3 rear over fenders, replacing the front arches, repairing the sills and onto prep for paint.

As far as I'm aware, they're still being indecisive about the final colour of the cars, but I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product, and hopefully on track together.

They're sure to be posting up a load of photos over the upcoming month, so to follow the build more closely give them a follow on Instagram:



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