With Motorsport events coming in thick and fast, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short list of the races I’m most looking forward to in the next few months.

Rolex 24 at Daytona

So, the Roar before the 24 has just happened and it looks like this year’s race will be a gooden. Firstly, it’s not every day that you see track records being broken in pre-season testing but that is what happened this week. The previous lap record of 1m33.875 was set 26 years ago by an AAR Eagle Mk III. Last week, it was Oliver Jarvis that set a 1m33.398 in his Mazda RT24-P. The main reason for this is that the DPi class is now separate from the LMP2 car meaning the American cars now have more power than the European P2s.

Another reason to watch the Rolex 24 at Daytona is that it is Fernando Alonso’s first race since retiring from F1. With his commitment to WEC continuing until June of this year, a 24-hour race anywhere is great practice and the banking at Daytona make for a great race on the 26-27th of January.

Bathurst 12 Hours

One of the first endurance races I ever watched was the 2015 Bathurst 12 Hours when a Safety Car was scrambled with 15 minutes to go and a charging Kutsumasa Chiyo in a Nissan GT-R GT3 went from 3rd to first within half a lap. Ever since then, I’ve seen every running of the race and the ends have gotten better and better. Despite last year ending under red flag due to a massive crash along the top of the mountain, it still made for an exciting end.

In my opinion, the main reason to watch this race is to see cars speeding over the top of Mount Panorama. The race starts early in the morning when it’s dark, but it quickly turns to day as the sun rises over the mountain giving great shots of the cars. So, if you want artistic shots and intense racing, check out the race on the weekend of the 31st of January to the 3rd of February.

Australian GP

As a Motorsport nut, I’m always going to follow Formula One with a keen eye. In fact, I have been watching the sport for well over a decade and only ever missed a handful of races. Therefore, I have the knowledge to tell everyone that F1 will always be the sport to watch. The 2019 season will be no different. With many changes within the driver line-up, the Australian GP will be almost unrecognisable to the race 12 months before hand. As well as the many driver changes, the cars have all been totally redesigned for this year with the aim to improve racing. The front wings being a lot simpler will eliminate a good part of the understeer cars got from turbulence allowing the cars to follow closer and be in a better position to overtake. This should be apparent as soon as the Australian GP as the last two years have seen a lack of battles.

If I were you, I would check out the race on the March 17th to see if the new modifications change anything.

FFSA GT From Nogaro

Finally, my personal most anticipated race of the first few months of the year is the FFSA GT meeting at Nogaro on the 19th to the 22nd of April. The FFSA GT is the French national GT championship putting together GT4 cars in 2 1-hour long races per weekend. Nogaro is my local track and as such, I will be attending the event. If anyone lives nearby to the track, I would recommend checking out the series as the racing is always fantastic thanks to the involvement of the SRO. They are the company behind most of the big GT races in Europe such as the Blancpain GT Series and the Spa 24 Hours.

Furthermore, the support series supporting the GT4 racing makes for fantastic racing and the lunch time drift shows are thrilling.

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