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The RAM 1500 EV Is Real, Coming 2024

In three years, RAM's most defining product will be a fully electric truck

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Stellantis' EV Day stream has come and gone, and the announcements are piling up in spades. One of the bigger and more concrete confirmations is the upcoming battery-electric RAM 1500, pegged for a 2024 reveal.

As part of Stellantis Group's push for electrification, the RAM truck brand aims to have an all-EV lineup "no later than 2030". This new electric RAM 1500 hasn't got any concrete stats yet, but from what little can be seen on the teaser render (enhanced by the/DRIVE), it does look futuristic.

CEO Mike Koval also outlined the rest of RAM's e-Technology plan in his part of the keynote, promising what is pretty much an all-EV lineup of trucks and vans come 2030. Throughout the presentation, Koval reiterates RAM's focus on more work-oriented capabilities between its truck and van lineup, from towing to cargo space, aiming to still serve the needs of its customer base without going for "one-size-fits-all" solutions that may limit the choices buyers have.

"There is no reason why electrification should limit the choice of solutions we owe to our customers," Koval adds, so RAM's checklist above is worth noting. While the only concrete number we see above is 150kW of fast charging, features like external power delivery, smart charging and extra towing enhancements help reinforce the focus RAM is devoting here. There's also this bit about "Range Electric Paradigm Breaker", but it's still a bag of air for now.

What is certain is that an EV RAM 1500 is coming in just three years, and it's easy to see what it's trying to size up: the Ford F-150 Lightning. Will RAM succeed? We'll have to wait for it. Still, it's apparent that RAM has a sound plan, and if these tarped things behind Koval are any indication...

...there's reason to believe that RAM can see it through.

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Comments (17)

  • So, what you're saying is, a company who's reliability with normal vehicles was pretty lackluster is now making more expensive electric versions of those? What could possibly go wrong?

      17 days ago
    • EVs are much more reliable than ICE vehicles. It only makes sense to go electric. They just have to get the battery right.

        16 days ago
    • Batteries will degrade over time and need to be replaced which will cost a hefty sum. EVs are also harder to repair than ICE vehicles so more maintenance costs are likely.

        16 days ago
  • Ram makes trucks for people who put whistle tips on their exhaust. This is not gonna sell.

      16 days ago
  • Funny how you only see them mentioning the 1500, it's almost like they know an electric 2500 is ridiculous because the 2500 is built to tow, and nothing can tow like a diesel, or more specifically a Cummins.

      15 days ago
  • Good to see Dodge joining the 21st Century.

      16 days ago

      16 days ago