The random car trivia quiz? PT2 (10)

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A top gear one. In the US episode with the SLS, 458 and GT3, what track did they drive on?

  • Virginia International Raceway
  • Laguna Seca Raceway
  • Lime Rock Park
  • Top Gear USA Test Track (the one with Tanner Faust)

How was the Ariel Atom V8 500's engine made?

  • All new, Ariel made engine
  • Made by Honda
  • From 2 Suzuki Hayabusa engines
  • A Ford V8 engine in it

How much horsepower does the McLaren F1 have? (stock version)

  • 670bhp
  • 594bhp
  • 590bhp
  • 627bhp

The RUF CTR. What's it's top speed?

  • 197mph
  • 406mph
  • 211mph
  • 202mph

Another engine one. What did the 1M's engine come from?

  • BMW Z4 4-cyl
  • BMW M5 10-cyl
  • BMW M3 8-cyl
  • MINI 1.6 supercharged cooper S engine 4-cyl

(MULTIPLE CHOICE) Which of these 2 put an order in for the Ford GT.

  • James May
  • Tiff Needell
  • Damon Hill
  • Sabine Schmitz
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • James Hunt

Who did Enzo Ferrari give a maximum of 90 percent of his road car company to?

  • Ford
  • Alfa Romeo
  • General Motors
  • Fiat

Who is the main sponsor of Laguna Seca (It's part of their name) as of 2019?

  • Mazda
  • WeatherTech
  • Ford
  • Pennzoil

What company assembled the Ford RS200's body?

  • Ford
  • Reliant
  • Citroen
  • Chevrolet

What Dodge Viper is this?

  • R/T
  • SRT-10

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