- 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon

The rarest car in the UK? - 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon

Read for your chance to own one of the rarest cars this side of the Atlantic.

21w ago

Over the Christmas period, between stuffing myself with turkey and mince pies, I happened to notice a rather interesting message fall into my LinkedIn inbox from a chap by the name of Russel. The man in question informed me that he was looking to sell a rather special vehicle and could do with a little help marketing the car in question. Now normally I would say no to this sort of thing but this one really is a bit special - one that I think you'll agree we all want to hear about.

Nonetheless, legal bit required;

*The following raffle and it's host are in no way associated with Sam Massey or the sammasseyoncars brand. Those that choose to enter the draw do so at their own risk. This platform holds no accountability for any loss incurred by those individuals who purchase a ticket.*

Right, down to business.

The car in question is a 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon - essentially a classic estate car from the most famous automaker of all time. The Ranch Wagon was produced only for a brief period from 1960-1962 and was effectively the wagon version of the Ford Country Squire of the era. Sold exclusively in North America, it featured a 5.7L naturally aspirated (duh) V8 engine producing less power than was really required to move such a colossal car. Nonetheless - it sounded rather fruity whilst it tried. This specific car features the notoriously rare 3 speed manual transmission, so the driving experience is going to be... agricultural?

Whatever - It doesn't matter! Look at it!

Effortlessly gangster.

Effortlessly gangster.

If you parked this next to a Ferrari 458 in central London, it'd be the Ford that got all the attention and rightly so. Rarity trumps all.

This very car was imported directly from Texas 2 years ago by Russel himself after falling in love at first sight. A lover of the stars and stripes car scene, Russel had always dreamt of owning such a vehicle - making this the perfect purchase. She needed a little TLC, but benefitted from the original 5.77 litre big block V8 also with it's original carburettor - rare for a vehicle of this nature. A surprisingly small amount of work was needed to get the car ready for the road upon it's arrival - merely a bit of tinkering under the hood and putting right a broken window was needed before it was out to conquer the UK B-roads. The distinctive blue paint was already present on the car upon it's import, but was rightly kept in place to preserve it's head turner status.

Perfect for camping.

Perfect for camping.

'It’s tax and MOT exempt and cost me £150/year to insure on classic car insurance, so super cost effective to keep!'

- Russel

He's had a lot of adventures in this one (I'm told a full mattress will fit in the back...) but sadly, due to a lack of space and a few hitches at work Russel needs the old girl gone. But you can't just put the only Ranch Wagon on British soil up on AutoTrader, so Russel has decided to raffle the car along with a £1000 second prize to anyone interested - here.

This brings with it the chance to own easily one of the rarest cars in the UK and look immensely cool while doing it. So if it takes your fancy, the chance is there - if not, click the link anyway to read more about the sensational story behind this classic motor.

Link: raffall.com/36490/enter-raffle-to-win-57l-v8-1960-ford-ranch-wagon-hosted-by-dreamrides

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