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The rarest Jaguar ever?

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2y ago


As a companion piece to ‘News: CLASSIC MOTOR CARS WINS RESTORATION OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR EPIC 6,725-HOUR RESTORATION‘ seen previously on MotorMartin, checkout more detail on this incredible restoration by viewing the short film below, kindly shared by CMC Classic Cars for the benefit of MotorMartin’s readers and titled, The rarest Jaguar ever? Restored one-off 1954 XK120 by Pininfarina unveiled at Pebble Beach. It’s well worth a little of your time.


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Comments (3)

  • Stunning car. Strangly, my favorite part is when they reveal it; the look on their faces is priceless. So much satisfaction right there. Isn’t that the best part of car restoration really?

      2 years ago
  • Rarest. Not giving u stick but how u figure that? Not going off at u coz I've seen a post about this car as the rarest jag before. But jag has made more one offs before haven't they? A one off can be rare to a certain extent I rekn. The Ferrari that Clapton got made is a one off. But that doesn't make it the rarest ferrari being one of many one-offs. Sorry to put this useless post on. I just wanna see wat others opinions on this matter is.

    PS. I don't know how many one offs jag has made to be honest. XJ13 comes to mind but that wasn't based off a production model. So is that technically rarer lol?

      2 years ago