The real reason why Jonah Hill wears a fake Richard Mille in 'Don't Look Up'

Have you seen the film?

Don't Look Up is a satirical film about an approaching comet that will destroy Earth. The story focuses on the people's reaction, the U.S. government's reaction as well as the reaction - and narrative - of the media. It stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill, and in the movie Hill's character wears a fake Richard Mille.

Jonah Hill plays Jason Orlean, Chief of Staff and POTUS' son, and when they asked him about the inspiration for his character, he said "I thought, what if Fyre Festival was a person and that person had power in the White House". Fyre Festival was a proposed festival that never happened, and it never happened because it seems it was basically just a ponzi scheme of some sort, one of two people who organised the festival actually went to jail for that.

Hill's character Jason Orlean wears a fake Richard Mille 052 Tourbillon Skull, which most of you - especially John - will probably consider... inelegant. In fact, Hill said he wanted to make sure he came across as douchey as possible, and that's on this idea that he based everything from his wardrobe choices to the way he talks and acts.

When it comes to movie characters, there are two macrocategories: actors who usually want to wear their own watch and/or a watch they actually like for the role; and actors who wear movie props, including fakes. The most famous/infamous example comes from Kill Bill, where the Bride (Uma Thurman) wears a fake Daytona.

Have you seen the film?

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