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It all started with one man, one story, a story that created and established a legendary, and historical company. The year 1922 stands out, William Lyons founded a company called Swallow Sidecar, this name might not sound familiar, but it is very important to the creation of Jaguar. The Swallow Sidecar Company originally made motorcycle sidecars before developing bodies and chassis for cars, which is what really boosted their reputation and career. In 1934 William built his own car, the Jaguar SS1, which was produced from 1934 through 1936. This car started it all, from many company's and manufactures using these certain chassis for their own builds. Many automakers commissioned the Swallow bodies, which started putting this company on the map. in 1935, he introduced the car that gave this company their big break, the SS Jaguar, a legend was born that certain year.

That car made Williams Lyons company, it was a car that created the birth of Jaguar. Lyons company swiftly and rapidly became very well known, which made the Jaguar company a household name. Unique and innovated, the car was both visually gorgeous, and stunning but it was also ahead of its time, being technically advanced. These cars were just the beginning of a whole new novel. Further into the years it kept getting better and better, with specific cars like the C-type, D-Type and the E-Type models, which have paved and changed the way for many supercars, sport cars and future models. It all started with one idea, one car, and it kept flipping a chapter of innovation and game changing history.



Lets start from the beginning...


Jaguar was known for their elegant, classy and stylish shaped chassis and cars. With the new manufactures bringing a sense of elegance and power mixed together. A more luxury experience for buyers, but also with a practical and surprising performance. This is when the 1937 SS Jaguar 2 1/2 Liter Sedan was introduced, It was one of the first cars to ever feature four doors for the first time, which of course was and still is a huge commodity, since it has left a huge impact and still continues to influence our travel and transportation today. It was one of the most sought after cars pre-war. Occupied with a 2.7-liter OHV engine from the SS 100, with a naturally aspirated engine, including a overhead valve, a 6 cylinder unit that has an output of 104 bhp and releasing power at 4500 rpm, this car was ahead of its time. The power is transferred to the wheels via a 4 speed manual gearbox. This was the first car to hold the Jaguar name, as the company and the cars were changed drastically, so had to the name.



1948 - JAGUAR XK120

This car needs no presentation, one of the most celebrated and famed Jaguar cars of all time. The Jaguar XK120 is an English sports car produced and manufactured by Jaguar between 1948 and 1954. The XK120 was shown in open two-seater or in the roadster form at the 1948 London Motor Show. With a whopping top speed of 120mph, this iconic car got its well known name from the power output. Even though 120 might not sound like a lot now, back then it was huge, not only huge but more so it was revolutionary. This car paved the way for many more cars in the future. It was also upgraded to be made even quicker with the windshield removed, creating a more daring look, and during that time was made the world's fastest production car ever. Designed by the founder of Jaguar, Sir William's Lyons, this car amended the car game forever. With a classy and elegant design, that is desired by all petrol heads. It is a stunning and sensational quick car. And with some minor changes, and all the new upgrade's it could be able to reach top speeds of 133mph, this was one remarkable, extraordinary and fast car.



1951 - Jaguar C-Type

Aerodynamics. Aerodynamics were starting to become a huge trend, phenomena, and well known aspect. Jaguar jumped on the bandwagon and had to come out with something aerodynamically sleek. And they did, this is the Jaguar C-Type, created and inspired by the concept of aerodynamics. Built for racing and looking real good, the stunning, sleek and lighter C-Type created a whole new chapter for Jaguar racing. Inspiring and predicting future Jaguar racing legend's, with a reduction in weight of 25% compared to the predecessor the XK120. Putting Jaguar not only on the car map, but also putting it on the racing map. Debuting in the 24hours Le Mans, and taking the victory as well, in first place. The 3.4-litre twin-cam, straight-6 engine produces between 160 and 180 bhp, with also rear wheel drive, a front mounted engine and a 2 door convertible/cabriolet body style. Its engine is naturally aspirated, what a car.

TRANSMISSION 8-speed dual-clutch automatic

Jaguar C-Type

Jaguar C-Type

1954 - D-Type

A motorsport legend was born in 1954. The Jaguar D-Type transformed and changed the racing game forever. This iconic sports racing car was designed specifically to win the Le Mans 24-hour race. This included Innovative monocoque construction and aerodynamic efficiency integrated aviation technology to be included in the in the sports racing car. It was to make it even more efficient, superior and finer. The ever so beautiful Jaguar D-type is one of the most iconic cars in motorsport history. Packed with amazing and advanced innovation, this sports car was designed to take on the unbeatable Ferraris and to win the most famous motorsport event of all time, the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race, which it succeeded finely at. The Jaguar D-Type is one of the most noteworthy race cars ever devised, no doubt about that. The D-Type won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956, and 1957. With the beautiful bodywork pulled taught over the wheels, engine, and passenger compartment, the D-Type is one of the most stunning and one of the best preforming race cars in the world.

Engine type: 3,781 cc DOHC inline six-cylinder engine

Output 300 HP

Transmission Four-speed manual

Top Speed 160 MPH

0 to 60 mph 5.7 seconds

Jaguar D-Type

Jaguar D-Type

1961 - Jaguar E-Type

Finally, the best for last, you think I would forgot the most beautiful car in the world? Of course not... The Jaguar E-Type, is a revolutionary, game changing and sensational car. No words are able to explain this absolutely life changing car, once it was released it shook and took the car community by shock and surprise. No one has seen anything more fantastic, extraordinary and this stunning before. Designed by the genius Malcom Sayer, the E-Type is set to be one of if not one of the best cars in the entire globe. Desired by all, drooled over by every car enthusiasts, praised by every designer, racer, and manufacturer. The Enzo Ferrari declared the Jaguar E-Type as the most beautiful car in the world. And coming from the iconic and intelligent man himself, that says a lot. Even though Ferrari and other company's have produced some of the worlds most beautiful and desirable supercars ever, this car is different and incompatible. This car executes art, absolute art. The E-type is pure art... the sleek, elegant and timeless beauty executes complete and utter perfection.

Engine Location : Front

Drive Type : Rear Wheel

Displacement : 3442 cc | 210.0 cu in. | 3.4 L.

Power : 210 BHP (154.56 KW) @ 5500 RPM

Torque : 215 Ft-Lbs (292 NM) @ 3000 RPM

“The Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car in the world.”

enzo ferrari on the jaguar e-type

Jaguar has shown over the decades, years and months how important, significant and iconic they are. What would our car world be without this extraordinary company and manufacturer? We would be no where, we haven't noticed how much Jaguar has impacted, paved and changed the way for all cars, supercars, racing, design and technology. We would not be here in this place without them. Thank you, Jaguar.

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  • Great story! William Lions is one of my favorite designers.

      9 days ago
  • Awesome article. But I think the D Type is better looking than the E Type.

      9 days ago
  • E type is a trully beautiful car, but you wouldnt dare to drive one, would you?:D

      9 days ago
    • The E-Type is stunning! But even if I had the chance to drive it, I wouldn’t dare to, it would just sit there and look pretty ;) 😂

        8 days ago
    • Haha, true. I feel like I would be too scared to drive it incase It breaks (Which it will, ofcourse)

        8 days ago
  • Absolutely wonderful read, very well worth the time.

    Loved it!

      8 days ago
    • Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed! It took me a while 😅

        8 days ago
  • Very good article!

      9 days ago


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