- 7 speed manual in the Porsche 992 911 Carrera


The fact that Porsche has made phenomenal cars since its inception is more than enough of a reason to love it as much as die hard fans do, but my reason is more mechanical and old fashioned.

It is simply the fact that even the newest in the Porsche lineup comes with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION, not a jerky single clutch flappy pedal "manual" but a proper 3 pedal configuration and an H-Pattern shifter. I don't know what the psychological reason behind it is but there's just something special about rowing through the gears on your own, and selecting the gear that YOU want. I mean think about all the greatest Porsche sports cars : CGT, 911, Cayman (GT4 is my favorite) and the Boxster. All of them came with the manual transmission as an option and the rarest of them all have 3 pedals.

In conclusion, I think Porsche is the greatest brand in the world right now and I think it's because they are able to tap back into their roots to create modern super sports cars that are reminiscent of the past. Share your love for the manual transmission as well.

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