The reason why... Jeremy Clarkson hates motorcycles

April 1st, 2016 -

Everybody thinks that JEZZA hates motorcycling, caravaning and boating (truckboating). This is not truth. He loves those activities, but he is a very busy man and he has no time to practice his favourite hobbies with the intensity that those things deserve.

He really said (approximately): "I would like to practice motorcycling, caravanning and boating as a three-in-one integrated activity, but it's impossible: those activities cannot be grouped in one. You cannot boating on a bike, you cannot caravanning on a bike, and especially you cannot boat-caravaning on a bike. I HATE this nowadays state of art in MOTORCYCLES".

Someone in DRIVETRIBE (a guy called J.C.) took only those three words to issue an impressive headline: "I HATE MOTORCYCLES - Jeremy Clarkson says". This is the reason why it mistakenly seems that JEZZA hates motorbikes. OMG! That is not well-known, but he is founder and chairman of the green non-governmental organization SYBOOMS! (Save Your Bikes Out Of My Sight!), also known as "Save Your Bikes!" (JEZZA is also founder of "Save Your Caravans!" NGO, but this is another story)

Fortunately, there are creative solutions for every problem. Coming soon from the creator's cousin of "Toybota", the three-in-one Hard-Dave off-road bike "Caravboat"* [*patent pending] (couple not included).

Hard-Dave Caravboat* Bike

Jeremy Clarkson has ordered five units for the business days, and two more for the weekend. According to his statements: "Now, I LOVE MOTORCYCLES as never before. Sooner than later, DRIVETRIBE will see my GoPro videos about caravboatbiking. I will ride (as skipper) this awesome bikeboat with my friends James May (at the sidecarboat crew position, as navigator), and Richard Hammond (at the caravanboat, as tactician). We will enjoy as ever, doing some funny sinkings".

Toybota. "Do you come from a land down under?"