- On its way for just a simple weld and paint job ... or so we thought!

The Rebirth of a 924 Vol II: The Breakdown

1w ago


Once the decision had been made to take on the project, we had to decide which direction to send the project in. That's when we began to come up with a design in our heads about what we wanted the car to look like at the end. The final design that we came up with included the car being resprayed in Guards Red with a Gloss Black Roof, Alcantara interior with new seats and half roll cage with all of the mechanical parts being stripped off, repaired or replaced and put back together. And so the strip down began.

We started by taking apart the suspension at the rear, cleaning and refurbishing all of the components and rebuilding them. One of the modifications we made to the rear of the car was to add an Anti-roll bar as there was not one fitted as standard and we wanted much less body roll when throwing it into corners either on road or track.

We then moved onto the front suspension of the car which was in considerably worse state. Almost everyone of the components flaked away from everything it was supposed to be attached to and each was made up of about 90% rust, 10% metal. Refurbished dampers, springs, wishbone, calipers, discs were all built back up and fitted to the car along with brand new pads and bushes so that we could be certain it would make it at least 100ft down the road without collapsing. We also had a thicker 944 roll bar fitted for extra stiffness in the chassis.

After that was done, we moved further up the car to behind the front bumper, this is where we found a radiator that disintegrated at touch, power-steering pipes that don't hold any power-steering fluid and towing hooks which would be less use than pushing the car home in the vent of a breakdown. Needless to say all of these needed to be replaced and repaired if the car was to be of any use whatsoever. We eventually had a second hand radiator from another car put in with intention to have a brand new aluminium one put in later.

The wings of the car were also removed, not only for better access to the suspension but because the cost of repairing them, outweighed the cost of replacing them so they had to go. Other bodywork to go was the bonnet and the front valance, along side bumper rubbers and pin stripes for a cleaner look at the end of the project. The bonnet was replaced because it did not match the model of the car, the bonnet in question was a Turbo bonnet and worth a lot more than a standard one, so the Turbo bonnet was sold for £175 and a standard bonnet bought for £30.

Once all of this had taken place, it was time to strip down the interior of the car. We had decided on a light weight approach which meant all of the sound deadening was to be removed and not replaced, light weight Sparco seats and removing the spare wheel and toolkit from the boot. All of this with the goal of countering the weight gain from the 3/4" steel roll cage. The screen would also later come out due to milkiness in the corners and the rear seat pads also removed for less weight, and also because with the cage fitted they were no use to anybody with an upper or lower body.

With all this done, it was time to send it off to Augment Automotive for the next stage in the restoration of the car.

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