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The record smashing Volkswagen ID.R

From its massive canards to its extreme wing, this is more like a spaceship than a car. And now Hot Wheels makes one that you can easily obtain!


The Volkswagen ID.R proves what electric motors are capable of. It can climb hills and mountains in record time and slash the racetrack and corner like a cat targeting a mouse. One of the most popular records that the ID.R set was at Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the ultimate test for the car and the driver. The ID.R set the world record of just 7:57.148 in 2018 and is yet to be beaten. It set a world record for the fastest electric car around the Nurburgring in just 6:05.336. It went around the Goodwood Festival speed in just 39 seconds, which is outstanding. The spaceship is powered by two electric motors, one per axle. They push out a total of 680 horsepower and 479 lb ft of torque. The car only weighs 2,500 pounds and despite all the downforce the car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.2 seconds which is mind blowing.



First impressions of the model

When you first set your eyes on the model, your attention goes to the massive wing and large front splitter. You notice just how low the car is and you can see the ginormous front canards with the splitter that pops out far. Above the skinny headlights is a VW logo reminding you who created this mighty machine. Not to mention the large "R" logo. The fenders gape up tall and the vents suggest the amount of down force the aero creates.

Details and textures

One characteristic that makes this "car" so wild is the very small cockpit with the large square steering wheel waiting for tugging. On the top roof hatch its a large Volkswagen logo pained in blue and silver and the number 94. On the sides of the machine are the wide side skirts the extend outward. The "R" logo appears again on the side with the number 94. The disc shape wheels have chrome outlines and small wires that give it a racing vibe. The rear of the car is very thin and slim. The massive wing completely overshadows the rear. It looks like a more squared off version of the Mclaren Senna's wing, only its twice the size. It even has canards at the end of the wing on each side. I also forget to mention the car has a fin that glides down the roof of the cockpit and makes the car look like a piece of space equipment.


The Hot Wheels Volkswagen ID.R is a must have in your collection, whether you have any premium cars or not. It is all metal and has rubber tires that make it feel special. Anybody would love to have a model with this massive wing and this many aero components. This is by far one of the coolest premium Hot Wheels models for 2020. So keep you eyes sharp on the lookout! If you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more!

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Comments (11)

  • I'd prefer the Gasser Chevy wagon on one of your pictures to the ID.R even though it's less detailed, simply because I loathe electric cars. But nice review. :)

      7 months ago
  • This car seriously possesses ALIEN TECHNOLOGY!

      7 months ago
  • where do you get these? They look like collector ones unlike the ones kids use for track sets.

      7 months ago
    • Same stores, just near the end of the pegs as they're priced higher. You're right with the assumption that this is a step ahead of the for-kids mainline cars, but I reckon if you swap regular plastic wheels, it can fit.

        7 months ago