The regulations for the new Formula 1 teams have been approved

Each sport club wishing to register for the championship will have to pay $ 20,000,000 to the teams already present in F1

5w ago


As part of the agreements that all the Formula 1 teams signed a few weeks ago, particular guarantees were introduced to protect the income of the sports clubs currently present in the championship. To avoid lowering the earnings for each participant, a rule has in fact been approved that will require each new member who wants to enter the championship to demonstrate their financial strength.

To register for the Formula 1 world championship it will therefore be necessary to pay $ 20,000,000 to each team already registered. This type of taxation was also decided to guarantee the monetary value of the sports clubs currently active in the league.

This type of rule will unfortunately make it almost impossible for others to be added to the championship due to excessively high costs. The times in which new teams could put themselves to the test in the Formula 1 world, even though they did not have a great economic support, are therefore definitely over.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation


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