The Renault Megane R.S. Genesis

- Renault extends Mégane lineup with renewed iconic sports version.

- Packed with 4CONTROL, new engine, a choice of transmission and chassis.

- Outstanding agility, improved dynamics driver appeal for both road and track.

- New colour, wider tracks, bumper and wings, R.S. Vision lighting, sporty stance.

- Technology brought from motorsport – for people who love to drive.

Renault unveiled the All-New Mégane R.S., the third-generation of the iconic car now made even more powerful by a new turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection. The four-cylinder 1.8-litre (1,798cc) unit combines maximum power of 280hp (205kW) at 6,000rpm with peak torque of 390Nm, a figure that puts it amongst the very best in its class. The New Mégane R.S. is equipped with 4CONTROL, with four-wheel steering, a global first for the segment, now affording the car’s Sport and Cup versions outstanding agility through tight turns and impressive cornering stability at higher speeds.

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Source: Groupe Renault

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