The Renault RS10 Was the First Turbo Car to Win in F1

This car sparked a revolution in F1 and established Renault as a force to be reckoned with. And here it is in Lego form! #F1 #Lego #Formula1

3y ago

The RS01, the car that came before the 1979 RS10, was something of a joke in the F1 paddock. It was nicknamed the Yellow Teapot because it would invariably end up smoking, on the side of the track. Turbo technology was just scoffed at then. But of course, that wouldn't last.

The 1978 car was nothing but a test bed for Renault, especially since the team was focused on Le Mans more than F1. That all changed in 1979 with a completely revised car: new twin-turbo engine, new chassis, new aero taking full advantage of the ground effects.

The RS10 as blisteringly fast, scoring 5 pole positions in 10 races. And if reliablity was still pretty poor, it still managed to outlast a race and win on home soil, becoming at the 1979 French Grand Prix the first turbocharged car to win a Grand Prix.

Of course, that race was also memorable for hosting what will probably remain the most legendary fight between the Ferrari of Gilles Villeneuve and the other Renault of RenΓ© Arnoux, battling for second place.

We all know the revolution that the RS10 sparked, with turbo cars soon populating the grid, pulling so much power that they eventually had to be banned. Turbo engines returned in 2014, but with sadly less success for Renault.

This car was great fun to build out of Lego bricks! Especially around the back with the semi-open egine making for some fun details to design. I'll post instructions in the coming weeks on this tribe so that you can build your own at home!

No voting going on this week, as there's only one car left to build: the McLaren MP4/1. Then, the week after, I'll build something a bit special to mark the end of both the F1 season and of this series of Lego F1 car.

See you next week, and happy bricking!

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