The Renault Twingo GT – The Only Rear Engined, Rear Wheel Drive Hot Hatch

Welcome to the Renault Twingo GT, the only rear-engined, rear wheel drive hot hatch in the world

4y ago

If your in the market for a rear wheel drive, rear engined hot-hatch then I’m afraid you’re out of luck, there are a grand total of zero cars available that fit this billing, until now that is.....

Welcome to the Renault Twingo GT, the only rear-engined, rear wheel drive hot hatch in the world, technically this doesn’t actually exist yet as you can’t buy it yet but you will be able to next year.

Based on the Smart ForFour Brabus which is a pretty good start to life, the tiny Twingo GT shares the same underpinnings with its German sibling. You get the same 898cc turbocharged three-cylinder motor, the power is unchanged at 108bhp, same with the torque which is also unchanged at 125lb ft.

The best thing that the clever chaps at Renault did though is the ditching of the Smarts auto-box for a proper manual gearbox, just think, a proper rear wheel drive, rear engined hot hatch with a proper manual gearbox, I am thinking lots of fun indeed.

Speed and power is admittedly at the slower end of the hot-hatch spectrum, the rampaging 108bhp gives you a 0-62 run of 9.6 seconds with a 113mph top speed, the one upside of this is 54mpg with low emissions.

The Renault guys have also fettled the Twingo GT’s suspension and lowered the car by 20mm; add to this the re-work ESP system will allow you a small amount of drift ability and you have all the hallmarks for a great little package of a car.

Visually the Twingo GT has 17 inch alloy wheels inspired by the Renault Twin’Run concept car, you also get more air intakes and a centre mounted exhaust.

Prices will start at £13,755 and expect many personalisation options to spec your Twingo GT to your hearts content, this tiny cars looks like it’s going to be an absolute riot. Do you want one?

Now Renault can we please have a proper RS version with 150bhp.......

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Comments (4)

  • I...need this in my life

      4 years ago
  • It does look good though, I like the Twingo, a likeable looking car

      4 years ago
  • Ha ha, well it's. Luke warm one at best, still looks like a ton of fun though!

      4 years ago
  • Psst... It's not a hot hatch :P 108bhp? C'mon, that thing has just about enough power to park itself!

      4 years ago