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The Renault Twingo will be definitely discontinued in 2024

Goodbye, Twingo!

5w ago

The A segment, which has been declining sharply in recent years in Europe, is gradually being abandoned by customers and manufacturers. It must be said that this category is trapped between major budgetary, environmental and safety constraints that are becoming more and more burdensome.

Ensuring even a small margin becomes impossible for many brands who are considering giving up. Thus, Renault officially announces the end of the Twingo for 2024. The iconic city car, which had invented almost everything in 1993, will therefore not be directly replaced.

During its career, the Twingo has thus lasted three generations. And despite a very fashionable electric powertrain, the latest model to date will not be able to resist the rationalisation of costs wanted by Luca De Meo, the new CEO of the diamond-shaped brand. It is the future electric Renault 5 which will take the place of the Twingo in three years time.

The indirect replacement will indeed be much more expensive than the current electric Twingo to ensure more comfortable margins for the manufacturer. It will then count on its neo-retro style to attract a new clientele eager to drive in a fashionable chic city car like the Fiat 500.

Prices could indeed be expected to be around €22,000 (£19,400/$26,600) for the entry-level model, if not more. Even taking into account all the technological progress, we are therefore far from what the original Renault 5 offered, that is to say a simple, practical and accessible car for the greatest number of people.

Photo credits Renault

Photo credits Renault

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  • that actually is quite sad, I really liked that little thing, it was a very honest car. But if the replacement will be as good as everything suggest than it's only for the better!

      1 month ago
  • good news!!

      1 month ago
  • :-(

    Actually rather like the Twingo, hopefully the replacement will be good

      1 month ago
  • Good news!!!

      1 month ago
  • Oi mate good news innit?

      1 month ago