The Renault Zoe E-Tech can now cover 475.4 miles on a single charge

New ENSO range-extending tyres have helped the car smash a record of 351 miles set in France in 2018.

7w ago

The new Renault Zoe, on special tyres designed to extend its range have driven on each charge, has surpassed records becoming one of the longest-ranged cars on the sale in the UK. The team at MIssion Motorsport, a charity made up of ex-forces motoring enthusiasts, kept to the car's optimum speed of just 19mph for over 24 hours in order to set a new record at the UK's fastest racetrack.

The team are said to be experienced in endurance motorsport which helped them to achieve 9.14 miles per kilowatt hours. The Zoe is officially recognised to cover up to 245 miles on a single charge making the record distance an extraordinary feat.

They used two cars for the attempt, both starting 9:40 am on Wednesday and the first one finishing 11:45 am on Thursday. The record-holding car finally coasted to a stop 14:57 pm on Thursday after lapping Thruxton for over 25 hours. The range may not come as a surprise for premium brands but the Renault Zoe E-Tech is the bestselling electric car in Europe, costing just £27,595 after the government's Plug-in car grant.

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Comments (3)

  • Not a real life test, no details of the tyres and why they are special, do they have any grip? Especially when cold and wet!

    The 245 miles normal range is only when it's warm but not hot. It's dry, no wind, light, no high power stereo! You will be crushed by buses and hgvs to death unless you do 56 mph not 19 mph, even unfit cyclists will overtake you!

      1 month ago
    • It seems unlikely that they are street-legal but it still is a surprising figure for a budget EV. You probably wouldn't get near that on the road as I am sure the wind resistance goes up with the square of the speed or something like that so at a...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • "This may sound like a short distance but a kettle can use 3 kilowatt hours of electricity to boil"

    It will be a large kettle, around 30 litres.

    There is power and energy, kW and kWh. A kettle is around 3 kW power, not likely to be boiling for an hour.

      1 month ago