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Craig sent me a DM on instagram about a year ago asking about getting a replica built of his 1960 Porsche 356B, a car which I knew well from Instagram. And since Craig makes awesome stuff and I was already an avid follower/watcher of Rennfilms, I immediately said yes. It needed to be as close to the 1:1 version as possible, though, so a rounded hood line, bumpers front and rear, hood trim, single vent, rolling on wide-five steelies.

Since I was starting with the Hot Wheels 356 coupe casting, that immediately meant there were several pretty big mods I needed to make. At the front, I filled in the old square hood panel gap, and engraved the new hood line with a dremel. The hood trim is a piece of shaped styrene, and the bumpers are as well.

In the back, since the hot wheels casting has two vents, I cut out both of them, glued one of the two back in place, and filled in the gaps. Then added the styrene bumpers, reflectors above the tail lights, and a custom exhaust. It was a ton of work, but definitely worth it for the end result.

It ended up taking me a lot longer than I thought, but the upside was that when it was done, Craig and I decided that it was close enough to Luftgekuhlt 6 that we could meet up there and hand the car off in person. So not only did I get to meet the man himself, but I also got to see the full-size version of the car that I had been obsessing over, down to the smallest detail!

The Cayenne camera car (which I dubbed the Cayennemera) came about because of Matchbox's annual custom contest. I love the look of the matte black on the camera car, and that rig looks badass. I figured it would stand out among the other builds a little bit.

The car itself was pretty simple, just a matte black paint job with lights and other detailing. The rig, however, was another thing altogether, as I wanted to make it rotate, pivot, and move up and down. Many, many prototypes later, the final product was formed out of a brass frame with lots of styrene pieces, and a camera 3d printed by Mr. Sn210 (@live_and_let_diecast) himself.

It was always my intention to bequeath it to Craig to complement the 356B, and luckily, he agreed wholeheartedly.

As for the Matchbox contest, however, I got the date wrong by one day and posted the car too late, putting me out of the running... However, the response on Instagram to the build has been amazing, with a ton of people interested in a model for themselves! Guess I need to figure out a way to assemblyline styrene camera rigs...

Both of these builds were challenging, intense, and a lot of fun, and it was definitely hard to let them go. But I know they are at a great new home, and are being enjoyed to the fullest.

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  • How do you take pictures of fast cars? With a fast camera. Tap here to see this killer custom


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  • yea, man... well done! very well done😎

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