The replacement for the Jaguar F-Type will be electrified

After the release of a four-cylinder F-Type this year, Jaguar has confirmed that hybridisation is coming

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The days of the solely internal combustion-powered sportscar are numbered, meaning that current examples like the Jaguar F-Type are very quickly becoming dinosaurs of the automotive landscape. With cars like the new Honda NSX gaining popularity and fully electric supercars becoming true contenders against the likes of McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini, sportscar makers will also need to file into line in terms of introducing electrification.

Jaguar is a firm that has grasped electrification with all its might - not only has it poured funding into its Formula E programme, it has now grabbed the opportunity to launch its own one-make electric car race series, using I-Pace eTrophy SUVs to support Formula E. On the road car front, the company has declared that all of its cars built from 2020 onwards will feature some form of electrification.

What does that mean? It means the JLR lineup in three year's time will be packed full of hybrids and EVs. And as JLR designer Ian Callum told Automotive News, the F-Type successor will join those ranks. Although there has been no timestamp given to the development of a new Jaguar sportscar, Jaguar Land Rover's North America CEO, Joe Eberhardt, also cemented the fact that the car will have an electrified powertrain.

That should be a sigh of relief for the Jaguar fans of this world - the F-Type has never been up to scratch with the Porsche 911 or Mercedes AMG GT dynamically, so some instant torque would be a welcome addition. The supercharged V8 brings plenty of theatre and will now see outputs of nearly 600bhp but it is in dire need of a revamp.

The I-Pace eTrophy actually doesn't look too shabby for an electric SUV

The I-Pace eTrophy actually doesn't look too shabby for an electric SUV

A little electric assistance would therefore be perfect, especially in adding a little more pep to the I4 and V6 variants that currently seem a little tepid compared to the V8 flagship models.

Would you welcome an F-Type successor with a hybrid powertrain? Or do you think the supercharged, rear-wheel drive recipe shouldn't be touched? Jump into the #alternative-energy live chat on DriveTribe to express your feelings towards this impending change:

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  • it would seem that Jaguar have lost the plot.

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  • NOOOOOOOOOooooooo

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  • A sad day indeed.😢 It's scary to see how more and more cars are getting electrified. An all electric vehicle will never have the soul of a combustion engine!

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