The Results From the First Court of Cars Debate Are In

The attacking team won!

4w ago


As you all probably know, about a week ago, the leader of the Fuel Injection tribe, the one and only Rahil Hashmi, came up with a brilliant idea for an automotive debate. Called Court of Cars, it essentially works like a normal courtroom debate, except the debate topic is car-related, obviously. The first debate was today at 7:30pm BST, and the statement was "Audi is boring". There was an attacking team, made up of myself and Slideways, a defending team, made up of Cody Wagner and Joe Boater, and Rahil was the judge. The attacking team was against the statement, and the defending team was for the statement. After much debate, arguing, and finessing of our respective statements, the debate finally came to a close and Judge Hashmi had to decide which team was to be crowned the winning team. Drum roll, please...the attacking team won! So, the final verdict is that Audi is not a boring company after all. The next debate will be announced soon. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Discord server, and a big thanks to Rahil for being the mastermind behind this great new debate segment! Until next time!

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