The results of the 250 Tribecoin competition

Who did my sister declare as the winner?

6w ago

For starters, a big thanks to everyone who took part in this competition which, despite not getting huge amounts of views, allowed my sister to have a thorough look around your nominations, to which she quickly found two answers, hesitated for a bit, before coming to a conclusion.

A special mention goes to Brihadish Ram for using his imagination and properly adapting to the situation with this entry:

The car may not have been interesting but his explanation certainly was: He reconned that because my sister isn't in any way a car enthusiast, she might find more interest in this simply elegant Suzuki Ciaz rather than a complexly beautiful supercar. Unfortunately, that isn't the way she went but cheers, and thanks for the thought.

The ending battle

My sister then had a hard time choosing between one of these two entries:

An Aston Martin Vanquish

An Aston Martin Vanquish

And this Aston Martin DB11

And this Aston Martin DB11

And yes, as you might have noticed, it's probably not a coincidence that both the cars my sister loved so much were Astons. This last comment entered by Charlie G 🇺🇸 also showed his involvement as he got his mum to pick this beautiful Aston Martin above other supercars. And I'm happy to say that his attentions paid off as Charlie is the ultimate winner of this 250 Tribecoin competition. I also showed my sister the DB11 in lower quality pictures just to make sure it wasn't the photo itself she prefered rather than the car, but it quickly became clear it really was the car in question. So thank you Charlie G 🇺🇸, well done to your mum for having such quality taste in cars, you'll be shortly rewarded with the promised 250 Tribecoins. In the meantime, I hope everyone is well and wish you all to continue having great summer holidays! Comment below if you have any ideas of future competitions I could come up with, take care, and thanks for reading.

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  • My aston was so dam close anyway congratulations to Charlie

      1 month ago