- The tanks didn't create yet but some French artists imagine battle-cars in the 2000s

The retrofuturism: an echo about the electric vehicles.

The first modern car was created by Carl Benz and his wife at the end of the 1890s. The first planes were flying in the 1900s. The trains and the tramways were the ways to move on the cities and the countryside apart from the trycicles and bicycles. Of course, the ships were one of the first transportations to travel, sell and buy the merchandises on the rivers and oceans. The first steam boats and the sailing boats sailed together on the American and European rivers and seas in the 1810s whereas the first real transatlantic crossing was realized in 1838. The steam cars were popular before being replaced by the Ford T called Tin Lizzie in 1908.

The society changed with the electricity and the steam machine [...]

All these transports were used differently but were propulsed by steam and fuel engines. If a motoring historian and a maritime historian would discuss about the cars and the ships, they find problably common points as I made in my first article. I'd like to point out how people from the end of 1890s saw the future of the transportation. The society changed with the electricity and the steam machine in the 19th century. Without James Watt and his predecessors, our world would be different.

At the end of that period, flying in the sky became nearly a reality with the technical trials of the brothers Wright and Louis Blériot. Travelling in Europe and America was possible with the trains. Crossing the oceans became a habit for people with the shippping. Don't forget the Lusitania and her sister-ship, the Mauretania were the first ships of the world in 1907. At that same time, the White Star Line announced the contruction of the two British legendary ships, the Olympic and her sister-ship, the Titanic. In 1912, she was the largest and the biggest ship of the world (269mx28m).

Louis Blériot and his plane, the Blériot V.

Henry Ford and André Citroen invaded the USA and France creating a new way of life. Buying a car was a sign of wealth and symbolized the technical progresses in the roads and in the streets which had changed with the introduction of the motoring in cities. People weren't used to driving mechanical machines and prefered being on their hyppomobile (or carriages) but the cars became so popular in a few years.

The industrial revolutions during the 19th changed the society. How to concept the future of the new and modern transportations? How to imagine the development of the technical progress in the 1900s? Some artists give us answers conceiving an art movement. The retrofuturism is interesting to study. If you're curious to understand how we're living the new electric "era" on the motoring today, I'm sure you understand that social and artistic movement.

​The French image series "In the Year 2000" or the "France in the 21st century" shows how some artists conceived the future of the transportation. The cars and planes become so popular and can be modified into flying cars! Watching those pictures is really interesting to understand how people imagined the future of their society. Our ancestors had a close vision of our modern world which the mechanical machines replaced men and women. The painful tasks became so easy to realize controling the machines.

If you know the first movies silent movies, you remind the scene of the mechanical lion in Metropolis. The workers were fascinated and afraid of the industrial god called the Moloch. We can compared these feelings about people who cannot ready for the new electric era on the motoring today. Elon Musk isn't a god but created a dynamic movement around the EVs.

The retrofuturism represents the conception and the creation of a better world using the transportation. In 2017, our world has changed slowly about the transportation. We debate again about the petrol cars and the electric cars. The planes can't be used without fuel whereas the ships can sail with Liquified natural gas (LNG). The coal is still using unfortunately in the USA and in China. Our ancestors would be disappointed to live our "modern" society.

Don't worry, the motoring will change in a few years. You won't need to buy your own car. You can rent a car in big cities for a few hours or days. Your car is a kind of artificial intelligence with satnavs and other technological gadgets. The automatic cars proves it without mentioning the autonomous cars. I can continue with the ships, the planes and the trains too. I don't know if the artists of the beginning of the 20th century had imagined the transportation as we know it.

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