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- Citroën's new C3 WRC for 2017. We’re pretty sure it will have a more successful career than the BX 4TC…

With fresh regulations, the WRC is trying to recapture some of the Group B spirit in 2017. We went to Wales to meet Citroën’s version of the new breed

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  • Dont care how they claim to be as close to Groub B as ever, well 32 years later they still only faster on twisty stages with all the electronics, they dont sound right, dont look right, dont feel right, the drivers dont even look right...... so unless the S1, S4, T16, Rs200, 6R4 are coming back then there will never be anything close to Group B, in fact its a bloody insult to group B !! Walter Rohrl would turn in his grave..........were he dead!! lol

    1 year ago
  • After watching the highlights of Monte Carlo, it was great to see so many manufacturers and the updated cars are great but these are not Group B cars. They are the return of WRC cars from the early 2000's. Those were fast cars and expensive too. I hope the cost doesn't drive some of the new manufacturers out next year.

    1 year ago


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