Revolution Racecars, the new company created by Radical Sportscars co-founder Phil Abbott, has built an impressive new track car.

It is called The Revolution

The two-seater is made to bring Le Mans Prototype (LMP) technology and safety to the masses. This means, it comes with a price tag, that is not out of this world but within an earthly budget of below £ 100.000. According to the manufacturer, it shall be already available by the end of 2018.

Making a carbon fibre monocoque lightweight race car available to a broader field of customers, is not the only revolution the company aims for. High performance shall be paired with reliability, easy handling and as Abbott says, "class-leading" elbow room.

Regarding the bodywork, Simon Cox, former head of design at Infinity and GM, has created an aerodynamic shape that lets the car "produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket," claims the company.

With only 750 kg of weight and a 350 bhp strong 3.7-litre Ford V6 engine paired with the advanced technology of a serious race car, the Revolution will be competing at the UK Sports Prototype Cup and also at a French-based championship.

The first public appearance of The Revolution has already taken place in Silverstone early November.

I know, it is not actually cheap. But would you want one?

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