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The Rivian R1T - A Pickup Not Only Inspired by the Future

Contemporary furniture design, hiking and outdoor gear, this is the Rivian R1T.

2y ago

Haven't heard of Rivian before? Rivian is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. The company released great renders of their upcoming all-electric double-cab pickup. This futuristic pickup is set to debut at the LA motor show.

I started Rivian to deliver products that the world didn’t already have...

RJ Scaringe

The Rivian R1T will incorporate an electric motor for each wheel. The pickup will be capable of producing up to 745 bhp and 1 120 N.m. The manufacturer claims it will be able to travel over 600 km. 0-100 km/h time? Rivian claim the pickup will manage an 0-100km/h time of 3.2 seconds!

But, where did the Rivian get its inspiration? Carmag claims the brand’s designers looked to create a premium and comfortable pickup. However, the Rivian should still have a robust cabin. The brand got its inspiration from outside of the automotive industry: (1) contemporary furniture design and (2) hiking and (3) outdoor gear. The perfect combination.

Because the Rivian does not have a conventional combustion engine, the pickup offers a front-loading luggage compartment.



Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe had the following to say:

“I started Rivian to deliver products that the world didn’t already have – to redefine expectations through the application of technology and innovation. Starting with a clean sheet, we have spent years developing the technology to deliver the ideal vehicle for active customers".

"This means having great driving dynamics on any surface on- or off-road, providing cargo solutions to easily store any type of gear, whether it’s a surfboard or a fishing rod and, very importantly, being capable of driving long distances on a single charge. From the inside out, Rivian has developed its vehicles with adventurers at the core of every design and engineering decision”.

I don't know if the Rivian R1T stole my heart, however, I do think the brand did...




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